Early release – false emails


Dear Blogettes –

 Several people have notified me that they have gotten a purported email from  me that turned out to be spam.  Some have had an web link in the message.

 Please note I have sent out only a limited number of emails to few people, and these were for specific purposes such as coordinating donor typing or visits.

 If you do get a genuine email from me it will have a subject line that you will know came from me.  Second, I will never send you an embedded link (do not click on it) or an attached file to download.

I don’t have any viuses or spyware on my computer  but I do have to work under the Hopkins open network (another change I have t0 make), which allows anyone in range to pick up email traffic.  My apologies, but simply deleet any false emails coming from me. 

N.B.  You cannot endanger your  computer from looking at my blog.

 Events of the day will be put up later.



4 Responses to “Early release – false emails”

  1. joel steinberg Says:

    Some people are beneath contempt. This is truly adding insult to injury. I hope you are feeling better each day; and I hope you find a suitable donor soon. Joel

  2. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    I actually did receive one of the spam emails mentioned above. Arrived to me at 8:14am ET today from “Bruce Dan and header reading sfk4.24 health”….I did open it as I thought it was time for my next lesson from my favorite professor….alas, it turned out to be spam from a Canadian online pharmacy. Immediately recognized it as spam and notified Lisa of the email. There were over 20 other email addresses in the missive, all starting with the letter “D”.

    Glad to hear that you were able to walk another med student through yet another test, Prof.
    Thanks for the lessons you share with so many.
    Smile, good friend.

  3. Business Directory Says:

    I dont disagree with this blog post…

  4. Dyson Dc33 Review Says:

    You are indeed right on this piece..

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