This is a joint Lisa-Bruce production.

Status:  7.5/10.  Inching upward just slightly.

Events:  Started the day feeling nauseated again.  The doctors looked over my thirteen (yes 13) different medicines to try to figure out what is making my stomach feel so out-of-sorts.  They’re still voting for the antibiotic Bactrim.  So they’ve stopped the IV Bactrim and I have to take two gigantic pills every 8 hours instead.  We’ll see if that helps.

On the good front, no attempt at an LP today – they’ll do it Monday or Tuesday with fluoroscopy. 

The doctors also assure me and Lisa (mostly Lisa) that it is OK that I am not eating or drinking anything.  All the medicines and some fluids they are pumping into me are ensuring I am not dehydrated.  They claim I’ll feel better by early next week.  I am holding them to that.

Comments:  Social worker Amy Sales came by today to take my emotional pulse.  I told her I’d really like to be out of here. (This is day 34 but who is counting?)  She noticed all the wonderful hats and books and cards that everyone has sent – and told me each hat is a hug, each book is a hug, each card is a hug.  They are hugs from someone who would love to be here to give me one in person. 

 Love to each and everyone of of you for all your hugs.



10 Responses to “”

  1. Hopie Says:

    Yeah for the .5 extra! betting on .5 more tomorrow.

  2. Judy and Larry Says:

    Bruce and Lisa
    We are so truly sorry for what you are going through. We are encouraged that today was an improvement over the past several days. We hope and pray that the worst is over and that each and every day will get better. Please know that we have been and will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers for a complete and speedy recovery.
    Wishing both of you and your children a better weekend.
    Love, Judy and Larry

  3. Art Ulene Says:

    Karen Jaffe got it right: This sucks! I really want you to feel better now. NOW, I said. NOW! (That’s how gynecologists make it happen!)

  4. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    Here are my electronic hugs.
    That is precisely 34 hugs, one for every day you have spent there.

  5. Susan and Larry Says:

    Bruce, Sorry for the past tough week. when it gets tough, the tough get going. We can see by your blog you, Lisa, and the kids are tough. Hoping for a better weekend and week.There is light at the end of the tunnel. Get there quickly. Love and prayers. Susan and Larry

  6. Peggie Neill Says:

    You can only see the stars when it’s dark.
    You and Lisa are the stars in your own heaven. We look to you to wish and pray and hope that things (pmns!) improve, we palpably send very strong hugs, and
    Much love,

  7. frank g. Says:

    hugs are nice. but imagine if they were all …yachts! or maybe matisse paintings. or glasses of wine. yea, wine. let’s think abou that for sec. for each hug, we (with you) will raise a glass. i pledge that. in your honor. in lisa’s, ethan’s, rachel’s, that orderly on the floor, the nurse, the doctors, the commenters. to surving cancer. to improving hospitals. to administering drugs that don’t make you sick. to the, in the, to the, hell, to the moment when your appetite returns, your thirst returns, and we all sit back and just get … drunk. i can’t wait bruce. the bottles are chilling. l’chaim. love, f

  8. Hopie Says:

    I’ll even join you!

  9. grassflats Says:

    Hugs, buddy. Today was graduation, and I was on-stage reflecting on the great graduation speech you gave 6 years ago…and some of those graduates are now on the faculty. Everyone sends you their best.

  10. Ashby Says:

    I am sure there are many of us who treasure not only your blog but the positive reinforcement you receive from so many others! I love hugs, hugs, hugs. And I love yachts, Matisse and wine. To all of that I will simply add that the Nats are back above .500 today, Sunday, May 23. I expect you to not only stay above .500 but to make the World Series come October.

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