Guest author Lisa again

Status:  7.5/10.  Steady as she goes.

Events:  Weekends are quiet.  Not many folks here to poke and prod you all day long.  I like that. Slept a lot of the day away – that Ativan sure puts me under.  Declined it this afternoon to see how I do without it. 

Small Victories: Ate two helpings of snow cones with my favorite cherry flavor.  Ate some peanut butter crackers.  First food in many days.  

Good Advice:  After many folks suggested acupressure armbands for nausea, Lisa bought them and snapped them on my wrists this afternoon.  Maybe that’s why I can eat?  Who knows, but they can’t hurt.

Recalibrating:  My blood pressure is low today so they figure I may be dehydrated.  (Side comment: didn’t Lisa raise that issue on Friday?)  They are now upping my IV fluids to see if that helps.

Setting the Record Straight:  Yesterday I mentioned I am taking 13 medications.  The nurses had the pharmacist print out my medication list and it turns out I am actually on 18 medications in all.   That must be some kind of record. 

Comments:  I finally felt well enough today to catch up on many of the blog comments.  They are just wonderful.  (Art – when are you arriving for my LP?)  Please understand if I don’t have the energy to respond to them – but know that I am invigorated by your humor, thoughts, well wishes and sage words of wisdom.

Happy Weekend.




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  1. Judy and Larry Says:

    We are thrilled that you felt well enough to actually eat something today. We hope that you will be able to eat your favorite foods soon.
    Talked to Terry yesterday to find out how you are doing. Lots of people are thinking of you and praying for you.
    Love, Judy and Larry

  2. joel steinberg Says:

    We are glad that you are feeling just a bit better. Let each day henceforth be an improvement. Joel and Margaret S.

  3. Hopie Says:

    Cherry flavor is my favorite too, in anything, ice cream, snow cones, marachinos, etc. Love ever, Mom

  4. Wendy Yaross Says:

    Cherry snow cones are the best! Peanut butter crackers aren’t bad either. Bruce, SO glad you’re feeling better – let it be the start of an upswing! Love, Wendy and Daniel

  5. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Keep up the upswing! Harry and I are hoping this a lasting trend… Love to you. Laurie

  6. Fred Southwick Says:

    Dear Bruce,
    Rick Davidson mentioned your blog, and suggested I would find you comments helpful for improving care for all patients. I have been trying to improve inpatient rounding, and closely identify with your disappointment over the lack of social skills among fellow physicians. I have noted all of your concerns (importance of introductions, nosocomial infection, timing of treatments, lack of use of best practices protocols, poly-pharmacy, and the importance of emotional support), and plan to address all of these over the coming months at our hospital, Shands at University of Florida. You are very brave and altruistic in your willingness to share your story. I am hoping you achieve a cure. The pain and suffering you so poignantly document should make any care giver pause, and realize that a few extra minutes devoted to your personal well being is so very importance. If you have the time and energy take a look at our website (http;//gatorounds.med.ufl.edu). We are using athletic analogies to improve how patients are cared for in the hospital.
    I wish you well in your heroic battle. if you require any infectious disease advice please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Fred Southwick (Chief of Infectious Diseases, University of Florida)

  7. Mark Bisgeier Says:

    Bruce —

    A voice from long ago wishing you well — Tom Linden (close friend, we grew up together) told me about you and the blog — what a great thing to do —

    I’m amazed at your courage and talents; your writing is the best of medical writing and your humor and humanity are extraordinary.

    Forgive me for being so obnoxious when I was a pledge at ZBT!!

    I’m a lawyer in Los Angeles but my wife and I may relocate to DC — I’m staying in Bethesda for the next 2-3 months — would love to see you and say hello when you get home —

    You have a ton of people following your journey….

    All the best,


  8. Fred Southwick Says:

    I have updated our site under How do I implement Gatorounds. I have added to the following section:
    9:30-11:30 Rounding – remember all members of the team need to introduce themselves to the newly admitted patients. Example: “Hello, I am Dr. Jim Jones, and I am a first year resident on the team. I look forward to helping you in any way I can, and to making your stay in the hospital a positive experience. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns”.
    Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement.
    Best wishes,

  9. Sharon McDonnell Says:

    Love red snowcones. Would walk a mile for one.

    I remember when I got my tonsils out they said “and you will get all the snowcones and ice cream you want”. What they didn’t say was — “but, you won’t want any because of the post anesthesia nausea and your throat will hurt so much you won’t even be able to swallow your own saliva”. You have earned yours double.

    Dartmouth fan club is sending you a care package that should arrive soon. Hope is brings a smile to both of you.

  10. Carly Says:

    Cherry must be a “Dan” thing. My dad’s favorite as well. I however, prefer strawberry, but cherry is a close second. Hope each day gets better for you! And please tell Rach and Ethan I send my best wishes.


  11. Eileen Breslin Says:

    Dear Bruce,
    So glad to hear even a .5 improvement. This was graduation weekend. Pretty full of activities. So I took the opportunity to tell the grads a few things, complements of your experiences.
    Hope they paid attention as I spoke of communication and commitment…Your specialties….you continue to teach and inspire, capturing your journey with such
    humanity. Bill and I continue to cheer you on and send love to you and you lovely family. Eileen

  12. wendy Says:

    Hi from Santa Barbara- Molly and I are taking a little weekend getaway. Friday nite I drove 2 hours from San Diego to LA to get her and Sat morning with Molly as my navigator, we left LA around 10:30am for an 1 1/2 hour drive to a sunny & filled fun and relaxation weekend. But neither of us were really paying attention to the time as we caught up on stories of family, friends, political debates and psycho social explorations. After a bit, I said, “It feels like we’ve been driving awhile.” She said, “No problem, stay on the 5 and it runs right into it.” All the while she kept saying, “this doesn’t look familiar, oh well things have changed so much.”

    Chatting the whole time, finally at 2:45pm I said, ” Molly, it really feels like we’ve been traveling quite some time.” Then she saw the Harris Ranch signs and declared, “Oh NO! We’re almost at Fresno. How did that happen, where did we go wrong!”

    Shocked, we stopped at Harris Ranch and got them to print out the map quest direction to get back. Molly said that it says it’s 3 hours & 45 minutes and that can’t be right. So, she got out her trusty navigator (which we hadn’t used because it was supposed to be “an easy shot to Santa Barbara.” Lo and behold the GPS said it was.. Yep! 3 hours and 45 minutes. So laughing at the insanity, we drove on. Seeing signs to Hearst Castle we decided at that point, why not see if we could do a tour. That took us another 30 minutes out of way (yes, that would add an hour to our trip back). Duh, couldn’t go on tour – sold out, of course!

    We headed on and now it’s 6:00pm and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast at 9am. We tried to get food at a special restaurant known for it’s bar-b-que steaks in some town outside of Pismo Beach. No way, 2 1/2 hour wait. Drove on and tried to find another spot- and finally ending up in Santa Maria at Shaw’s that also known for those infamous bar-b-que steaks.

    When we finally got to Santa Barbara Hotel at 9:30pm the valet opened the door and we were silly giggling. Apologizing for our outrageous state I said, “Sorry- we’ve been driving 11 hours.” He asked, “where’d you come from?” And we laughed ourselves silly as we said, “LA” “It took us 11 hours to drive from LA”

    All this to say- that the insanity of the day and the long drive is nothing compared to what you are going through. But the greater message of your don’t always know the nature of the journey and the twist and turns, but “the connection to and love amongst family and good friends and the sense of understanding and compassion for each other, flexibility and laughter make almost anything endurable. AND upmost- that eventually- your belief and commitment that you will get to your desired destination.

    Here’s to the turn around point to good health and getting safely home to those you love. Love, Wendy

  13. Ashby Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    Hang in there! We are thinking of you and Lisa and Rachel and Ethan and praying even harder. Also praying for your doctors and nurses (even when they roust you at inopportune times). Hey, thanks to you I find myself paying attention to giving my right thumb extra attention with soap and water. For that sage advice, I shall be forever grateful!

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