Status:  8.0/10.  Could have been higher except for the needless mismanagement of a simple procedure.

Events:  Mondays are busy days with lots of procedures.  Today’s big event was getting that LP done, so it was decided to do it under fluoroscopy control.   Much too much to tell tonight.  Will relate everything in the 2nd reel tomorrow.




9 Responses to “”

  1. wendy dan Says:

    Rest rest rest- why on this day do we lean…because of all those lp’s

  2. Vincent Fulginiti Says:

    I have read all that you and your wife have written in this ordeal. I can only hope the end result will justify the extraordinary journey that you have undertaken. Having been on both sides of the “bed” I can empathize with you on the broken system, at times, and the heroic efforts to control a bad disease. We wish you a happy ending to this daily fight and encourage you to keep your spirits high, your goal of healthy outcome intact, and your physical comfort restored. Vince

  3. Andrea Tuttle Says:

    Glad to see the numbers rise and a little hint of testiness. I wanted to share this blog with you. Tiffany is from Chapel Hill and after several lung transplants and near death experiences has become an author, speaker and patient advocate.

  4. Ron Cushey Says:

    Hi Bruce – reading what you and Lisa have been experiencing makes many of the frustrating situations those of us not going through what you are every day seem quite irrelevant and put them in the perspective that they deserve – mostly irritating but certainly not to the level of your discomfort. It is encouraging to see your fortitude in taking control of your situation and interesting to get a medical view of what’s really going on. My parents, who live in Pittsburgh and have watched Lisa many times on tv, pass along their best wishes as well for a speedy recovery! We all wish you the best and lots of love. Ron & Family

  5. Lynette Says:


    You have extraordinary courage, resilience and humor. We continue to pray for your quick recovery and we send love to you and your family.

    Lynette, Joe, Manny & Raphy

  6. Peggie Neill Says:

    Bruce –
    Even without the details, I wish that I could make smooth the rough edges of this day.
    Hoping you get a decent bolus of sleep and for tomorrow to just feel better all around.
    Love you,

  7. Robin Miller Says:

    Hi Bruce! Hospitals are amazing aren’t they? Your sense of humor will get you out of there. I know from experience that it is a crazy place. I am wishing you a status of 10/10!!!

  8. joel steinberg Says:

    A bit testy today, aren’t we? But you have managed to put tennis-elbows and shin- splints in their proper perspectives. We think of you every day. Joel and Margaret S.

  9. Leslie and Don Singman and Family Says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Just catching up and reading about a weeks worth of the blog. I am hoping that each day you are feeling stronger and less of the awful side effects you have been writing about. Your experience does help put the every day rushing around stress, complaints about not having enough time to get work and family matters done, and kids whining about something in the proper perspective of what there really is out there to complain about. (Like what you are going through). We are praying that a positive outcome will make it all worth your trouble! Hope to get to see you soon when you are home.

    Leslie and Don and family

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