Status: 9.0/10  

I am home.  It feels wonderful.  As per the advice of good friend Dr. Peggy Neill I am going to take a break from the blog and enjoy the long weekend with my family.  I will report back to you next week on what leaving the hospital was like.  Enjoy the long holiday weekend.




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  1. Tom Linden Says:

    Yeah, Bruce. What great news. Take care of yourself, and we blog followers will just have to wait until you’re good and ready to write once again. Enjoy your time with Lisa and your kids. Sleep, eat and build up your strength and have a great holiday weekend.

  2. Henry Miller Says:

    That’s WONDERFUL news! Enjoy and carpe diem!

  3. Mark Bisgeier Says:

    Congratulations, Bruce! A terrible, age-old battle — and you’re winning and creating something positive out of it to boot — Bravo!!

    Looking forward to meeting you again after 43+ years —

    All the best,


  4. Greta & Michael Says:

    Fabulous news!

  5. Helene Cole Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    Our friends at JAMA left me off the “news you might want to hear” mailing list — until yesterday when I got word that you were going home after 40 days in the hospital! Please know that my thoughts would have been with you in the past, and that they will certainly be with you in days to come. Enjoy being home amidst family and friends — you’ve earned it.


  6. joel steinberg Says:

    Hopefully there were no last-minute glitches about leaving the hospital. Our world is a little sunnier today. Joel and Margaret S.

  7. Bill Silberg Says:

    Great news, Bruce, and a huge mazel tov. What a blessing to be home and with family. The best medicine.

    We have our own great news: just heard from Jake’s oncologist, and his latest scans were clear. Next set in six months, will be after he marks three years cancer-free.

    Must be a lucky day all round. Our love to you, Lisa and the kids.

    Bill. Char and Jake

  8. Judi Golding-Baker Says:

    I’m so happy you’re home at last…love you, Judi

  9. wendy Says:

    BBD- it feels like watching the best of a new tv series and having to wait until next season’s shows start… meanwhile having to do reruns on the blog… Feel better.. but know you’ve developed a following … that wishes you the best- but misses your story.

  10. Chris and Rollin Wood Says:

    Rollin and I are so happy to hear that you are home with your family. 40 days and 40 nights in the hospital? Lots of biblical references to that I think. Take care Bruce and our love and thoughts to you, Lisa and the children. Regards, Chris, Rollin and family.

  11. Jill Stewart Says:


  12. Gail Lehmann Says:

    We are sooo happy to hear that you are home with your family and we wish you a lovely weekend. Keep writing, so we can cheer you on!
    Gail & Mark

  13. Tanya Altmann Says:

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family. So happy to hear you are doing well. Looking forward to future blog episodes, but all good.

  14. Steve Seekins Says:

    Wonderful news, Bruce! Enjoy being surrounded in love as you always are by so many. Steve

  15. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    To quote a famous Dorothy….”there’s no place like home….there’s no place like home”….may the days be long and light….you are so very loved, and by so many.

  16. Armistead Webster Says:

    What fabulous news! Three simple words, ” I am home,” brighten the spirits of everyone who knows and cares about you. Nothing compared to how being home will lift your spirits. Enjoy the weekend Bruce. With love, Armistead.

  17. wendy Says:

    Thanks to all who have supported Bruce’s journey….I’m his only sister and those who don’t know, the spiritualist /clinical social worker in the family…..I do believe group prayers work… so join me and others and let’s do a group prayer/and if you’d like..pass it on to others who believe in the power of prayer……Bruce was born on 12 /20/ 46.. so how about at 12:20 pm every day we all take a moment in silence or whatever works for you… a prayer or imagery that those ridiculous cancer cells are G-O-N-E and that he is healthy and that he has a life’s purpose and a big mission to accomplish – getting that intrusive and inefficient medical system improved. Let’s join together, there is power in numbers and miracles in the power of prayer

    thanks wendy

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