Our neighbors and friends have been so unbelievably kind.  Paula Robinson has arranged over these last few weeks to have friends prepare dinner for us in the evening.  It saves the family an immense amount of work and is of such great help – hard to express the deep appreciation we have.  A group of Dads from Ethan’s class has volunteered to come over this weekend and wash the cars.  These little acts of kindness are so meaningful.  There are cards in my mailbox each day – the mere glance at postmarked envelopes brings joy.  How can I not respond the best I can with such support.  Thank each and every one of you.

Status: 9.25/10.  I lay down for a few seconds to rest this afternoon and woke up 2 hours later.  Clearly I needed it.  Our bedroom is on the 2nd floor, and I spend as much time as I can going up and down the stairs – trying to build up my quadriceps that atrophy so quickly in bed.

Events: We leave early in the morning for our checkup and LP at Hopkins.  They’ll do it under fluoroscopy again for an easier insertion.  Lisa will be with me, so no fear of being abandoned in the bowels of radiology.

Comments:  Through all of this medical business, it’s been Lisa who has held the family together; the kids have experienced a near normal school life.  She’s managed to be my constant caregiver and advocate, be at work and broadcast a segment as she did tonight, watch the last half of Ethan’s baseball game tonight, and tuck the kids in at bedtime.  What can I say, but that she’s my heroine?

Love to her and all of you,



7 Responses to “”

  1. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Thanks, Bruce, for the great reminder of the incredible woman at your side….Lisa, I’ve admired you for so many years, first as a professional, then as a great wife and fantastic mom….we all know you didn’t anticipate the latest and greatest role of caregiver to Bruce through this difficult journey, but we do all know that you lead the way. I join the large chorus of friends who hail you as an amazing role model for us all.
    Love to you both. Donna

  2. wendy Says:

    I’m not sure what she would need when this is all over…but I’m thinking a week’s spa treatment- just time for Lisa to be pampered..yep- think she’d like that… that’s after you get your A+ report from the medical team… women – we are strong…

  3. Carly Says:

    glad to call both you and lisa and of course the kids family :]
    much love from my end!

  4. Hopie Says:

    June 5th is your 16th Wedding Anniversary, May I be the first to wish you a wonderfully happy anniversary, PS- Lisa, We won’t sing it, don’t think we got to go to Las Vegas with the Hapy Birthday duet!

  5. bob price Says:

    Bruce, all of us who know you & are following your struggle send our love to you……….and a wish that this anniversary mark not only the end of 16 wonderful years, but the first day of another at least 50 wonderful love filled years for the two of you.

  6. Paula Van Ness Says:

    Bruce, so glad you’re home and doing better. I was touched reading about the incredibly valuable role that Lisa has been playing to hold your family together during this tough time…and I want to second the motion that a trip to a spa will be what the doctor (You!) should order for her once you’ve gotten that A+ report! Til then, enjoy some quiet time together to celebrate your anniversary…and btw, congratulations on being such a great duo…isn’t it great that you found each other?

    Holding you all in my daily thoughts and prayers,

  7. Greta & Michael Says:

    Thrilled with your progress, Bruce! Our friends call our guest room “The Spa” and it’s here waiting for you, Lisa and the kids! Any time!! We’re right on the river – it’s very relaxing and rejunivating! We love you all!

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