Nice to have Rachel’s grandparents here.  My Dad is staying home in Memphis just because airline travel and all  the back-and-forth is a little much for anyone nowadays, especially when you’re 89.  Will have lots of pix and live coverage.

Status:  9.0/10.  Still missing some salt and sweet notes in the taste buds, but my appetite is good.  For some reason dill pickles and prosciutto and melon work.

Events:  Rachel sings tomorrow for her class (Leaving on a Jet Plane) and then speaks to them about what her 9 years at Norwood school have meant to her.  It’s my first big public outing.

Comments:  Big decision is what hat to wear! 




6 Responses to “”

  1. wendy Says:

    I say for support all your family and friends should shave their heads…then no hat would be necessary

  2. Margot Mahoney Says:

    Enjoy your outing and tell Rachel “Congrats” and “brake a leg”! So gald you are home and will be there to see her.

  3. Gail Lehmann Says:

    Congrats to Rachel and we know she will be terrific (just as she was at her Bat Mitzvah). Keep up your spirits and know we are thinking of you fondly.
    Gail & Mark

  4. Judie Davidson Says:

    Good going Rachel…you get your talents honestly. Bruce, it iust feel good to be surrounded by such a loving family. Hugs to all.

  5. William Schaffner Says:

    Hi Bruce:

    I’ve been traveling (and will continue to do so through much of June – a hectic month), so I’ve been keeping up with your newsy notes on the fly. I am so terrifically glad that you are home enjoying your family and restoring your health along with your palate. Also am excited about your normal CBC and the first glance at your marrow.

    Lois and I are, we must admit, a bit worried. You must be confused. Rachel cannot possibly be in the 8th grade and ready to go to high school. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we had that conversation over a glass of wine at the Sunset Café? You and Lisa must be so very proud and we’re proud with and for you.

    Don’t apologize for your naps. Just call them a siesta. Remember, Lyndon Johnson always took a nap…..well, maybe that didn’t always work out so well. Enjoy them anyway.

    I was impressed with your insight about having been “institutionalized”. I’m sure that you’re on to something there – reminds me of the patients who became anxious when they were transferred from the Coronary Care Unit to a regular ward. Their psychological attachment to their beeping and flashing monitors became very apparent as they were being physically detached from the devices. I’ll bet your institutionalization syndrome was transient – arriving back to a loving home is a great antidote.

    Keep up the exercise!



  6. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    BRAVO to Rachel, and to her parents!! I say, wear a cap and gown with a message to Rachel on the top of the cap…Oh the Places You Will Go!!! Sounds like a young lady well on her way…..take plenty of pics/video….I’d love to see them when I visit you again soon.
    Love to all,

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