Status: 9.0/10. A hearty hotel breakfast and off to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

Events: Met with the Executive Director, Dr. Fred Appelbaum, for almost 2 hours. A warm, delightful, and extremely knowledgeable transplant expert. Was optimistic about our prospects, and the transplant protocol they follow at Hopkins was jointly developed by the two institutions. He favored recommending and would proceed with the same procedures as Hopkins, which gave us a lot of confidence. He answered our most detailed questions (and let me tell you Lisa can dig pretty deep!). We’ll gve you more info when we return home.

Took a tour of the impressive facilities in the 6-story building. All modern and well thought out, from the large waiting room that had glass partitions, which broke up the space into small, quiet, private areas to the outpatient treament rooms, which were actual individual rooms with curtains and sliding glass doors. Transfusion rooms on one floor, xray on another, and so on. No need to travel all across a hospital floor plan – the advantage of being able to build a center from the ground up.

If we lived close to Seattle or had no children we’d probaby come here, but a support system is vital to doing well, and fortunatetly with Hopkins only an hour away we can keep ours intact.

Had lunch with good friends Drs. Lynn Oliver and Sam Sharar – so great to see them! Good laughs, great compassion, wonderful folks.

Taking an early flight out, back home Friday afternoon. No place like home!




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  1. wendy Says:

    Like an optimistic team and approach… carries with it a lot of good energy. And since all our cells carry energy- I’m supporting your “optimistic” mindset… See it first in your mind and then you’ll see it come true… it works.. all who believe -on board- for the OPTIMISTIC RIDE to a cure…

  2. Art Ulene Says:

    Great news! Now take a few moments to enjoy Seattle. We send our love, Art and Priscilla

  3. Victoria Cushey Says:

    Bruce…such good news to have a second opinion that actually matches the first…so Hopkins it will be. We hope you enjoyed Kayla’s package of messages to you from all of us. You know you’re in my thoughts every day and we love you dearly.

    FYI, Ron and I read your blog every day — and the girls get a shorter “version” of Uncle Bruce’s health. And we’re so thrilled about Rachel’s recent accomplishements — the parents were most impressed!

    Our love to Lisa…please let her know I will give her a check in call this weekend — enjoy your Fatther’s Day as best as you can. When my father was ill, Father’s Day had a much deeper meaning, so know your children are so grateful to have you in their lives. They will hug you tighter than ever without even realizing it, so build up that strength to receive their hugs and love for their special day with you.

    We so hope things go smoothly — we’re all loving you and miss you dearly.


    Robin Victoria, Ron, Kayla & Kendall

  4. joel steinberg Says:

    The transplant protocols will be much the same at any of the places you are consulting. If I had to go through something like this, I would want to be close to home. Joel

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