Status: 9.0/10.  Back home from Seattle after a very early flight this morning.  A little tired from the time zone change and the long flight.

Events: Realized as I watched the United States pass beneath me that this would be my last flight for awhile.  Given what we saw of the crowded summer security lines, the folks who looked like they’ve never flown before, and the sardine-stuffed flights, that may be just all right.  Next up is a regular Hopkins outpatient visit Monday to check blood work.

Comments:   We’ll go to a Washington National game on Saturday, and I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day.  I’m going to appreciate mine much more than I have before.  We’ll give everyone, including ourselves, the weekend off.  Enjoy it, we’ll report on Hopkins on Monday.




8 Responses to “”

  1. Hopie Says:

    Have a lovely day! will speak to you Sunday

  2. Judy and Larry Says:

    Glad you got back safely, Bruce. We hope that you have a WONDERFUL Father’s Day and get to spend many more HAPPY and HEALTHY Father’s Days to come.
    Love, Judy and Larry

  3. wendy Says:

    Came in to be with the folks for a visit..in doing so I get a yearly visit, father’s day, Karen Malkin’s son-Adam’s wedding and Barbara Miller’s birthday.

    At Adam’s wedding I saw the following—names from our past… Alan Perlman and wife Lynn (you wouldn’t know her)who sends his best, Gary Kaplan and his wife Cheryl Edelson who also send their best, Emily Angel and Dennis Baer, the same good wishes, Mike Less and his wife Michele Keil, ditto from them and of course Karen Malkin and all her love and best wishes for a healthy future.

    So from me too I wish you a easy weekend and a great Father’s day. Hopefully- Lisa gets time off too.

  4. Alpa and Ken Says:

    Bruce and Lisa, We will be at the game today as well! We’ll look for you — we are in Section 130 behind first base.

  5. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    HAPPY, HAPPY Father’s Day, Bruce.
    Know you now consider each and every day, Father’s Day.
    Cherish your sweet family.

  6. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Happy Father’s Day Bruce……. Continuing to send good thoughts, wishes, and prayers your way. Enjoy and rest up!

    Love, Laurie

  7. Lynn Oliver Says:

    Dear Bruce,
    I can’t believe you and Lisa visited US. Rather than the other way around. What a great lunch, how wonderful (pathetically inadequate word) to see you. Lucky for us we happen to live in the same town as Fred Appelbaum. You even make alopecia look good. After seeing you, we KNOW you are going to do well. (And remember, that’s an opinion from Trained Professionals.)

  8. Eileen Breslin Says:

    Bill and I wish you a special happy fathers day. We are sending best thoughts to you and your lovely family. Hoping Lisa gets a day of rest. What an inspirational woman. Sounds like Seattle was ready for both of you!! love Eileen & Bill

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