Just finished dinner brought over by good friends down the street.  It’s amazing how meaningful those things are.  Our gratefulness never recedes.

Status: 9.5/10.

Events:  Another visit to Hopkins for an ultrasound.  Transportation provided by loving cousin Blaine Charak.  And although the ultrasound tech didn’t provide an already warmed-up gown, she was most pleasant and cordial. Tomorrow, back again for a consultation with our attending oncologist, who’ll answer all the questions we have about the transplant process, and how we are doing. 

Comments: Lisa has been back at work, which is good for her.  And after dinner together we took a long walk around the neighborhood.  Nice to have a partner is all of this.  Nice just to have her around.  Nice to have all of you around, too.




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  1. wendy Says:

    there is an organization here that provides caregiver support. Good thing for those who are taking care of patients with chronic medical problems. This one is called southern caregivers support resources.. You might ask about this type of organization in your area…love wendy

  2. Hope Dan Says:

    Half of 2010 is over, time is flying and Hope it flies for you! My love your way.

  3. Hope Dan Says:

    Half of 2010 is over, time is flying, Hope it flies for you. My love goes your way tonite, sleep well and pleasant dreams.

  4. Laurie Samuels Says:

    You are so lucky indeed, to have such a wonderful partner… hoping today is a good one. 🙂

  5. joel steinberg Says:

    It is like the knight of old donning his armor one piece at a time, readying for battle. All your friends, family and doctors are the supporting troops. The drugs and the bone marrow are the weapons. And you are the hero going out to slay the dragon. Fight well. Joel and Margaret

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