A beautiful day in the DC area, blue skies, and no humidity; here, we appreciate such rarities.

Status: 9.5/10. A good night’s sleep seems to be the secret to so much.

Events:  And who says a visit to the doctor is boring.  As Lisa and I were about the walk into the outpatient waiting area to have some of my blood drawn, the entrance was blocked by a gaggle of scurrying doctors, nurses, and others.  It soon became apparent that an employee in the pharmacy (immediately adjacent to and actually within) the waiting area had apparently had a cardiac arrest.  Obviously a “code” (the area-wide paging for immediate assistance when someone collapses) had been called, but they were able to revive the person enough so that now they were trying to lift the employee/patient  onto a gurney through a narrow doorway between the pharmacy and waiting area. 

As all of this was transpiring (“I need a tourniquet”, “Give me the Ambu-bag”, “Where’s the crash cart?”), several dozens of patients waiting to get their blood drawn sat transfixed as the scenario played out.  Lisa said, “It was like watching ER in real life!”  [Some of us have been involved in this sort of scene “in real life” many times, although admittedly not often in this kind of venue].  The staff finally settled everything down and wheeled the patient off to the intensive care unit.  Then, it was back to the usual quiet waiting room as though nothing had happened.  Perhaps I’ll write a TV series – “The Waiting Room.”  All the fascinating stories of the cancer patients that ebb and flow through the hospital outpatient area. 

Comments: Had a nice chat with our lead oncologist about what’s happening over the next few weeks, getting evaluated and ready for a transplant, and he answered all our questions.  We like him, and feel he’s a good partner in all of this.  Our next appointment isn’t for another week, so in honor of the holiday weekend and a week of just getting better at home, unless something transpires, we’ll next update our blog next Friday.

We’ll do some backyard grilling and watch some fireworks on the 4th.  Wish all of you a safe and restful holiday.




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  1. Art Ulene Says:

    Have a great holiday with your family. You really earned this one. We send our love….. Art and Priscilla

  2. Hopie Says:

    How wonderful to have the week off,enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    Love you evermore

  3. Judy and Larry Says:

    Enjoy this special time with your family, Bruce. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for keeping us updated….we love reading your blog.
    Love, Judy and Larry

  4. Chris Thompson Says:

    You continue to be an inspiration to us all – maintaining dignity, humanity, class, and sense of humor throughout. Just to let you know we are following your blog regularly, but you don’t need us to tell you to have a great 4th with that wonderful family of yours!
    Hang in there,

  5. Henry Miller Says:


    Your accounts of your “adventures” are so wonderfully evocative. The code you described reminded me of my first as an intern — Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, 1975. I had been an intern for about 6 hours, my pager went off and the operator said, “Dr. Miller, Code Blue, 4 South Solarium; Code Blue, 4 South Solarium.” I had no clue where the 4 South Solarium was. I ran to 4 South and raced up and down the hall and passed the” solarium entrance twice until finally a nurse grabbed me and shoved me in the door. The crash cart was already there and we revived the female patient after working on her for about half an hour — at which point her private doc suddenly appeared, took her hand and said, “Everything’s fine, Golda, I have everything under control.”

    Have a wonderful holiday!


  6. Susan and Larry Says:

    Susan and I wish Lisa, you, and the Kid’s a happy July 4th. Know you are looking forword to your independence from this horrible disease. We pray for the day when the doctors will say you are completely well. Thinking about you’all everyday and look forward to your Blog.Your Memphis Cousin, Larry

  7. Greta & Michael Says:

    Thank you for all your wonderful writing and keeping us so informed and educated. We feel so helpless being so far away, but please know you all are in our thoughts constantly! Have a great weekend/holiday! We love you! Michael & Greta

  8. Debbie Blum Says:

    Hi Bruce,

    I am so glad all the pre-transplant stuff is going well, and you really like your lead oncologist. Sounds like everything is an optimistic “go” for the transplant.

    I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best. You have lots in your favor and I am very optimistic that all will go well.

    Best wishes for a great holiday and smooth sailing ahead. Please let me know if I can help in any way.



  9. Karen Jaffe Says:

    Dear Bruce (& all) , have a wonderful holiday and take a “normal” week to enjoy this unusually lovely DC weather.


  10. Judi Golding-Baker Says:

    My Dear Bruce, Lisa, Rachel, and Ethan,

    Happy, happy 4th of J…enjoy the fireworks, grill up some great food, and have fun. Thinking of all of you with lots of love,


  11. Wendi Says:

    I was shocked and devastated when your mom told me yesterday about the
    AML. She had written to say that she saw the Calla Lilies photograph on her previous visit and I had mentioned that I wanted to reconnect with you and Lisa, since we had lost touch after the births of our children. She then told me about your blog, which I spent much of the night and morning catching up on.
    What a wondrous thing you have created! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, humor, passion and compassion so eloquently and so beautifully. It seems to be a perfect blend of all that you are and love.
    I am so grateful for your Lisa. I hope you have a marvelous holiday with your family, and that the love and support of your family and friends, who lives you have enriched, help you triumph over this.
    Please let me know if there is anything we can do from Denver. I would love to see you if I am out your way and finally meet Lisa!
    Always with love,

  12. wendy Says:

    Remember to mark the acheivements/goals etc with a celebration!
    AA members do it by receiving a chip on “monthly celebrations-” and so on and so on… So far you’ve got a couple of months under your belt.. SO CELEBRATE!

    your only sister- wendy

  13. Virginia Russell Says:

    Dr. Dan-

    Happy 4th to you and your family! The Russell family thinks of you often.

    Lots of Love,

    Virginia, Stuart, Mom and Dad

  14. grassflats Says:

    Hey, buddy. Just checking in. For an update, Judie is halfway through a five week half-transcontinental bike trip. Yesterday she rode the 60 miles on the “Road to the Sun” through Glacier National Park…in 35 degrees with snow everywhere. She is longing for the heat and flat terrain at home. She sends her love and you’ve always got mine too.

  15. Margot Mahoney Says:

    Bruce –
    The Budin’s send their love and hope that you had a wonderful 4th filled with both rest and some memorable fireworks – and maybe a lobster. Stay cool this week and maybe catch a movie or 2 to pass the time. Welook forward to your next installment – they are always clever, eye-opening and inspiring. Best wishes for an excellent week!

  16. mike magee Says:


    Thought of you and Lisa yesterday during the celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary. You two are so fortunate to have each other, especially during these challenging times. Happy July 4th and blessings to the family!


  17. Sharon McDonnell Says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Sounds like you had your very own “hot flash” thanks to the medical system via contrast. I wonder if it was “real” enough to be worthwhile as teaching aid for middle aged men forced to live with middle aged women. I keep trying to find the best way to put the experiences into words. My family is laughing at me, which is good because we have found a way for me to signal “acute hot-irritation-o-my-god-get-me-out-of-here-or-else” efficiently with modicum of dignity and later stories.
    Good luck good luck good luck. I love the video the students made for you. What a testament to your reach… your continued magic.

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