July 14, 2010  Wednesday

Bruce wrote a nice blog tonight talking all about the events of today, but somehow it got lost in cyberspace between his computer and mine.  So just a few notes and he will post all the details tomorrow!

Status: 8.5/10  Long day including the liver biopsy  

Events:  Had lots of platelets today in preparation for the liver biopsy – to make sure there was no excessive bleeding.  Finally had the biopsy late in the afternoon. Results will be a few days away.

Comments  Three-quarters done with this chemotherapy regimen and still holding my own – that’s the good news!

Will fill everyone in on Thursday.




4 Responses to “”

  1. Hope Dan Says:

    Good Guy, Brucie Dan!

  2. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Keep on hanging in there, Bruce… hoping for a better day for you tomorrow. Love to all. Laurie

  3. Suzy DeFrancis Says:

    Just thinking about you today and checking in to find out how you are doing. You inspire me! Best, Suzy

  4. Ashby Says:

    It’s like coming into the home stretch after a weekend with the Adventure Guides at Camp Tockwogh!!!! Just kidding, nine-year-old boys are much worse. 🙂

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