7-14/15-2010 Wednesday/Thursday

 Status:  7.5/10.  Things started off poorly yesterday after being kept up all night for transfusions.  Then I was kept “nothing by mouth” for the liver biopsy,  which didn’t occur until 3PM.  The liver biopsy wasn’t as bad as I had imagined,  but nothing you’d schedule on a vacation.  They use a needle guided by ultrasound to find the exact spot.  The tiny ultrasound room was packed,  two biopsy physicians,  three pathologists,  the ultrasound technician,  a nurse,  and a young physician observer (it being July, not surprising to have young eager lookers on).   After several sticks they got a good sample and I was transported back to the room with Lisa manning one end of the gurney. 

Events:  Some eager young resident decided since my hematocrit had dropped from 25.2 to 24.8 that I needed a transfusion in the middle of the night last night.  So I started this morning with two sleepless nights in a row.  Felt sickly most of the day with some diarrhea and spiking of fever in the afternoon.  Stayed in bed under the blankets drinking orange juice.  As they say, you’ll have good days and you’ll have bad days. 

Comments:  Last dose of chemotherapy tomorrow morning and hope to be out of the hospital either late Friday or Saturday.  Still will need to come back to their inpatient/outpatient transition area on a daily basis for a while, but it will be good to be out of the hospital. 

  They have already identified four potentially matched donors who are sending their blood work in for confirmation.   Look forward to getting well and moving on to transplant. 




6 Responses to “”

  1. Jill Stewart Says:

    Our hearts and minds are with you, even from a distance. thanks for posting all these developments: they help us keep up with you. Love, Jill

  2. Ashby Says:

    Ay yai yai yai! Starting to look, no definitely looking, tougher than a Tockwogh weekend.

  3. wendy Says:

    heroes are defined by what they do when there is trauma, fear, etc

    so I’ve read…

    you are a hero for aspiring to overcome all hat you have had to endure to get on with your life… and all that you will do in the future to improve medical care… and all those who you have educated and inspired…climb that mountain top… the view is spectacular from there..love wendy

  4. wendy Says:

    liver biopsy makes one think that those hollywood movies featuring super stars getting stabbed who keep on keeping are definitely created by people who haven’t had a biopsy or a stabbing..this will be history very soon and our minds don’t remember pain..

  5. Judi Golding-Baker Says:

    Oh my dear Bruce
    By the time you read this, hopefully you are home or at least headed home (by Saturday…). Here’s to a restful weekend you so deserve.

    My love to you and to Lisa and the kids


  6. joel steinberg Says:

    We are keeping our fingers crossed that at least one of the potential matches pans out. And we hope that the liver biopsy turns out not so bad. Joel and Margaret S. Your fortitude is awesome.

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