7-17-10 Saturday
 Your cards and comments raise me up.

 Status: 8.0/10. Feeling much better when I awoke this morning.  My fever had broken in the middle of the night leaving drenched in cold sweat, but the body ache, headache, and overall malaise that fever produces was gone.  I wouldn’t have said I felt good but I no longer felt bad.  It was obvious on the faces of Lisa and the nurses and doctors when they walked in the room.  They want to keep me in the hospital for 24 hrs without a fever, so the earliest I can go home will be Sunday. I get a 3 hr infusion of anti-fungal drug each morning, which will continue as an outpatient.

 Events: As part of the fever workup I got another CT scan (negative for lung or sinus infection, blood cultures, and started on IV Ampicillin. Transport back from radiology was another misadventure, but let’s not go there.  I’ll receive platelets this evening, and if all goes well, I’ll sleep in my own bed tomorrow night.

 Comments: I developed and non-itchy rash after the Ara-C treatment in the same distribution as the one I developed after my initial treatment with the drug 2 months ago.  And I’ve lost my taste buds, similarly to the last time as well.  Food smells good, your mental image of what it taste like is right on, but when you put in your mouth it’s just dead.  Even dill pickles have lost their bite.  It’ll probably be a few weeks before it comes back, but I’ll be home.
Enjoy being home, there’s no place like it.




2 Responses to “”

  1. wendy Says:

    “raise me up” you stole from a song…and no place like home comes from the movie (Dorothy)..but palgarism is ok when you are sick..

    Molly has no sense of smell or taste from a severed nerve when she got knocked down umpteen years ago..she’s a master of how to enjoy food even without…you might check with her…until yours come back. let me know and I’ll get your her info.. you might have it from J’s wedding

  2. wendy Says:

    plagarism.. I’ll have to put glasses on to type or learn to type..

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