7-19-2010 Monday

(Ghost written by Lisa – so forgive any medical errors!)

Status:  7.0/10. Still a hospital “guest”.   

Events:  Another rough night last night with more transfusions.   On top of no sleep, my white cells have dropped to basically nothing (which is the goal of the chemotherapy), which makes you feel crummy just by itself.   So it’s a double whammy- no sleep and neutropenic all at the same time.   I still am nauseated and have no appetite – even the snow cone Lisa got for me didn’t sit well.

   The good news is that all the blood transfusions seem to be working and my hematocrit level is good and climbing even on its own.  That reduces the doctor’s concerns that there may be some sort of internal bleeding in my GI tract, although they’re not ready to totally sign off on that just yet. 

   Got more platelet infusions today and that will continue for now.  They hope to get the platelet IV infusions down from twice a day to once a day, which can be handled on an out-patient basis. 

Comments:    Even at the best hospitals, and this is certainly one,  they don’t always bat 100.  We learned tonight that we may not get good results from the liver biopsy because it’s unclear if they snagged a good enough sample.   They obviously don’t want to stick me with a needle again right now in my weakened state – so they continue to work with the sample they got to try to tease something out of it.  Meantime, they hope the lesions will start to shrink from the new IV anti-fungal medicine they have me on – and then it will be clear just from that that it was a fungal infection all along.  Stay tuned.

  No idea when I’ll be sprung.  Lisa is arguing that I’ll heal better at home but so far that argument has not won out!




9 Responses to “”

  1. winnie Says:

    Bruce you are one brave man and I only hope all works for you to brag about it soon.
    best wishes

  2. Margot Mahoney Says:

    It sounds miserable – our “OMG what a pain” thoughts are with you along with our very best wished that these days pass by quickly. Hang in there! With Love, the Budins

  3. wendy Says:

    you know you’ve hit bottom when you start climbing back up and can look back from where you are to where you’d been… hoping that your’re climbing up and can start to look back on what was instead of what is…

    it’s really only a few days out of your life…even though it’s really a miserable few days……and we ARE talking about the rest of your life… and that ‘s the goal…here’s to the turn around..

    we’re cheering you on… be gentle with yourself… love wendy

  4. grassflats Says:

    If there’s anybody that can deal with this, it’s you, buddy. In some ways I think we’re lucky, because we pretty much understand what’s going on…the good and the bad. Sometimes we lose sight of what an advantage that is. Hang in there. Looking forward to some beach time with you and Lisa.

  5. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    Hey Bruce, thinking about you. Hoping we can get you back to at least an 8 today.
    One day at a time.
    Much love, today and every day,

  6. Bill Israel and Eileen Breslin Says:

    Bruce –

    We are so sorry you’re having to bear through this for more days in the hospital, and upset that the biopsy was less helpful than needed. On the other hand, we approve of your chief patient advocate, and hope, like her, that they boot you from the place soon so you can go home. We’ll check in as we get closer to you this weekend, in hopes we can do something to lighten the load. Thinking of you, Lisa, the kids, and your entire support network with bonds of love.

    Bill and Eileen

  7. wendy Says:

    do they send a “home health team” out when you go home? might be a good thing to have? nurse/ social worker etc… some extra care at home to over see you medically and emotionally…check it out…I know you go back and forth to Hopkins…but this might save on the wear and tear of that..if they are just looking for vitals and some blood work..ask if it’s an option and something that they think wouldwork for you

  8. Catherine and Jeff O'Connell Says:

    Bruce and Lisa, You are so often in our thoughts. We wish that all of this passes as soon as possible and becomes a distant memory. Hang in there Bruce, you are tougher than we can imagine. Caatherine

  9. Gail Lehmann Says:

    Bruce, we are following your blog and know it is hard to write as much as you do. Know that it means a lot to your family and friends and to follow your saga. We are all rooting for you every step of the way. Keep fighting!
    Gail & Mark

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