7-20-2010 Tuesday

(Ghost written by Lisa once again)

Status:  6.5/10. Can’t get a break.

Events:  Another restless night, which is adding up to far too little sleep in far too many days.

Today began with a trip to ultrasound for another look at that liver.   Lisa went with me to ensure that I didn’t have to wait for transport on the back end – she wheeled me right back to the room.

No more scheduled events on the list today – but it’s the unscheduled ones that got me.   Alternated between freezing and burning up.   Cold compresses and ice chips for the latter, for the former I was shaking so hard they ended up giving me morphine to quiet down the rockin’ and rolling.  Luckily it worked.

Doctors don’t know what’s causing the fevers – at one point my temperature was up to 104 degrees.  Likely culprits are some sort of an infection that just hasn’t shown up on all the cultures they’re doing – or a reaction to all the transfusions of the last few days.   They’ve got me on a few antibiotics to nip any infection in the bud.  

Still nauseated both at night and today – but did manage to hold down the watermelon flavored snow cone this time.

Comments:  Nothing goes according to plan when you enter a hospital. You just try to make your way through it.  Early this evening, it was light outside, but I couldn’t tell whether it was evening or morning – that was the morphine and Ativan talking.

The doctors say they were hoping for a nice quiet patient.  Believe me, so was I.  I am going to aim for that tomorrow.  




12 Responses to “”

  1. Tom Linden Says:

    Bruce, it sounds like you’ve had a tough stretch the last couple of days, but I’m hoping that things stabilize for you soon so you can go home. Thinking of you… Tom.

  2. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    Hang in there, hang in there….it will get better.
    many hugs

  3. Andrea Tuttle Says:

    Downing a watermelon snow cone sounds like progress to me. I’m hoping that tomorrow’s progress is more substantial. Rest well.

  4. wendy Says:

    this all sounds very familiar from the rough part of your last stay… remember?, just remember how good you felt before you came back for this round……this good period will happen again… it will happen soon enough, this will all be your past history and seem like a old nightmare… it will be over- it will be over soon, it will be a fading memory….love wendy

  5. Eileen Breslin Says:

    Dear Bruce,
    Bill and continue to send our love. You are in our thoughts daily. For Lisa to be so steadfast…it is hard to be there I am sure to watch the roller coaster ride. This time will pass and i am confident that you are in the best place. Many great minds to make sure all bases are covered. We hope tomorrow brings a 7. Hugs and you are not alone…we are all here sending the energy….Eileen and Bill

  6. jackie judd Says:

    Dear Bruce…..
    From Vienna (here for the AIDS conference) wishes for things to turn around quickly. Thoughts are with you and the family.
    Very Best

  7. Wally Schlech Says:

    Gotta get better pal – hang in there!

  8. Michael & Greta Says:

    Healing thoughts coming your way. You are in our thoughts daily.
    Love, Michael & Greta

  9. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Here’s hoping for a better day today…..love and hugs.


  10. Kathy Shands Says:

    I’m so sorry you’re having such a tough time. I’m hopin & prayin for a rapid recovery from whatever this is and the chance for you to get home soon. Love, Kathy

  11. Catherine Says:


    I really appreciate the updates and of course wish they were 10s and not 6.5. Can’t wait til you can look back on this from you home. I’m thinking of you every day.

    Lots of love,

  12. Roxanne K. Young Says:

    Bruce, do hang in there. Your brutal descriptions are so vivid I can practically feel what you do! Thinking of you and yours.

    Fondly, Roxanne

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