7-22-2010 Thursday

(Composed by Lisa – so no medical education tonight – and all medical errors are hers!)

Status:  7.0/10. As noted last night, blood cultures came back positive for gram-negative bacilli.  They have now further refined that and determined that I am positive for E. coli.   This is not the deadly E. coli 0157 associated with food-borne illness, but the E. coli commonly found in your gut.  That said, the doctor told me the bacteria that is causing me problems has survived all the antibiotics they’ve given me so far,  so the tougher,  more resistant E. coli is left.   They’ve changed my antibiotic to Ertapenem, which they think will have a good shot of taking it out.  And of course,  my white cells are still pretty much zero,   so I can’t fight the infection on my own. 

Events:   Spent most of the day sleeping.   I am just totally wiped out.  Vaguely remember visits from an ID doctor,  and a women who comes by to see Jewish patients.   

  One small bit of good news – they finally took me off the heart and blood pressure monitor this afternoon.    With that machine,  I had so many wires attached to my chest that I couldn’t move.   A physical therapist, who came to see me this morning,  wanted to take a walk – but we quickly realized that was impossible.  So we walked a bit beside the bed before giving up.

  No fever today,  but felt nauseated and chilled in the early evening.   Tried to warm up with mounds of blankets and heat packs.  When that didn’t work, and the hard shaking began (rigors) I asked for some morphine again.  This time Lisa will make sure I don’t try to get up. 

Comments:    Thank you so much for all the great support on the blog and on the home front.   The doctors say I am getting better.    There are moments when I feel it too.




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  1. joel steinberg Says:

    Hang tough, Bruce. What you are going through is mind-boggling. Margaret had her final dose of Taxol today. She had a huge smile. The nurses in the infusion clinic applauded. I hope we will be able to applaud you also–and soon. Joel

  2. Ashby Says:

    I know some lovely Irish hymns, too, but rather than cite them, I will quietly wish that God keeps holding you in the palm of His hand.

  3. Wendy Yaross Says:

    Bruce, we can’t wait for the day you feel better all the time! Til then we are thinking positive thoughts for you.
    Love, Wendy and Daniel

  4. wendy Says:

    Yikes…. enough already… it’s time to turn the corner.. or have we already done that and this is a bump in the road… Prayers… and FAITH is the best…. remember if at all possible to do the imagery and visualization- that works, really it does when those white cells can’t muster their spirit… make that leap of faith and see the e coli fading away or being taken down with the antibiotic… It’s going, going, gone…

    NO ONE said this was going to be easy…but we know you are up to the challenge even when you are under the covers and out of it…the BBD spirit survives it all.. this is the road to the cure…you will over come…andLisa will demand it and protect you…love wendy

  5. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Dear Bruce,
    This WILL be the day that you are able to turn the corner and feel much better….prayers, love and all positive thoughts for you dear friend.
    Love, Donna

  6. bob price Says:

    Bruce, just take one step at a time (make sure Lisa’s standing by though–no more falling!) and no looking back–with your wonderful fighting spirit and all our prayers pulling you forward you’ll get through this. Karen & I send our love—you are in our thoughts daily. bob

  7. Susan Says:

    I am following your blog and thinking of you daily Bruce. Feel better soon – and of course work with your therapist 🙂

  8. Peggie Neill Says:

    Up, down, backwards, forwards, sideways – this is our heart’s reaction as all your friends read this blog. What doesn’t change other than to grow stronger is our faith in you and Lisa, and everyone’s love for you both. Hang in there, despite the rollercoaster, despite the fever and chills. Keep that forward-leaning attitude (but don’t fall out of bed!). Better days are coming. You gotta BELIEVE – like the little engine that could, –
    I think I can, I think I can….I knew I could, I knew I could.

    We know you can and we love you for it.

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