7-23-2010 Friday

(Ghost Writer Lisa again)

Status:  8.0/10. Yes, you saw that right.  We’ve moved up to an 8.  Although it really is more about the lack of feeling just totally awful,  as opposed to actually feeling good.  I am beyond exhausted because once again they woke up at 1AM for a platelet transfusion.   I have informed the head nurse (who is really a wonderful woman) that I will now refuse any transfusions overnight.  I hope they have gotten the message.   They gave me platelets at 7PM tonight – so that should hold me until the morning.

Events:   Our oncologist and transplant doctor Doug Smith stopped in this morning to say hello.  He says I’ll go home,  heal, and regain all my strength before we move to the next step.  He and I both agreed that,  as horrible as this consolidation round has been,  it has surely sliced and diced any remaining leukemia cells to nothing.  That is a good thing as we head into transplant. 

Also today they have been changing my antibiotics around and reducing the amount of anti-fungal medicine.  This is all an attempt to get me on a simpler medicine regime to allow easier treatment at the IPOP (inpatient/outpatient) clinic,  where I will be seen on a daily basis once I go home.

And speaking of home – the hope now is for a Sunday release if nothing major comes up before then – but I’ll believe it when they wheel me out the door.

Comments:   Ethan came home this morning from a month at sleep-away camp.  I can’t wait to see him.  As well as Rachel, since I have not seen her since she visited me the first weekend in the hospital. 

A great weekend to all.




9 Responses to “”

  1. Ashby Says:

    Nothing like the sight and feel of your children to cure what ails you!

  2. wendy Says:

    slice and dice and stomp and chomp and bang and crush and all those l cells are gone! gone! gone!… Its the CURE we see forthcoming… Yahoo… here’s to going home and resting and eating and eating and resting… and oh yeah exercise… love wendy

  3. Reggie & Fred Says:

    So happy to see an 8.0, Bruce. We’re going to see our kids (& g’kids) in the morning and will be back Sunday, hopefully to hear you are happily at home! Thinking of you every day with much love and kisses. Reg & Fred

  4. Catherine O'Brien Says:

    Whew! I look for that number first and what a relief to see an 8! Love, Catherine

  5. Art Ulener Says:

    Bruce and Lisa……

    It’s Saturday morning, and I’m just sitting quietly at home (alone) thinking about the two of you… grateful for our friendship….. awed by your strength…. and wishing I could take away some of your burden. I can’t do that, but I hope you are able to draw a little comfort from the love that Priscilla and I are sending your way. I just bought a case of some extraordinary wine (with a story behind it). This wine is so good, I don’t open it when we have company, because I want it all for myself. I have just marked a bottle with your names, and I’m setting it aside for when you come this way and visit us. I’ll barbeque salmon and ribs…. and we’ll share a bottle of Vina Cobos Bramare together. We send our love…. Art

  6. Art Ulener Says:

    I forgot to mention….. the Bramare is 2006 vintage (Wine Spectator 94, which is the highest I’ve ever drunk. If it were a French wine, instead of Argentine, the snobs would have given it a 98). The 2007 is great, but the 2006 is FANTASTIC. I am going now to put your names (literally) on the bottle. ART

  7. joel steinberg Says:

    We hope you get home tomorrow and get your transplant soon. Joel and Margaret S.

  8. wendy Says:

    Art- I enjoy your messages…. I too am holding out for a celebration for when Bruce and Lisa are Healed…. they certainly are going to need a vacation and a time to do nothing but BREATH…

    So Bruce and Lisa since oxygen is the sustanence of life and god breaths life into us I say…sit and BREATH – slow deep fulfilling breaths…that nurture you every cell…

  9. wendy Says:

    BREATHE…… would be more like it..

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