7-25-10 Sunday

I appreciate all the comments while I haven’t been feeling so great. 

Status:  8.0/10.  Feeling better as I get further out from the chemotherapy.  Multiple medication changes in anticipation of an endoscopy tomorrow or Tuesday,  and to put me on a schedule for outpatient visits, rather than inpatient.    

Events:   I got another good night of sleep but still slept part of the day away.  Trying to regain my strength.  Sat up in the chair to read the newspapers, and then Lisa and my nurse took me for one lap around the ward.

Still not eating much,  and only liquids when I do eat.  I had a hankering for an Italian ice from  Baltimore’s inner harbor,  so Lisa headed out  in what turned into a thunderstorm to get it for me. 

My attending for the last two weeks is rotating off and I will have a new doctor starting tomorrow.  Hopefully our acquaintance will be brief. 

Comments:  This hospitalization has been much longer than anticipated and I am desperate to go home.   I hope to write to you from there soon.




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  1. Laurie Samuels Says:


    We are all hoping that home and your own bed are not far away…. I know that when you get there, you will really begin to feel better! Hugs. Laurie

  2. wendy Says:

    Lisa is a good girl to trek out to get a snow cone… in the storm… that’s true love…. have they been giving you IV nutrients/calories by any chance? Hoping so…next year this time..this will all be a bench mark from how far you’ve come… and I’m sure you will put all this knowledge to good use… desperate people do desperate things…maybe we could “kidnap you ” out of there… think about it… it would make for a good news story for Lisa

  3. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    hey bruce…glad to see that the 8 is holding steady and that you are at least back to writing your own material. a good sign. i trust you will be out of there soon.

    here’s a tale that might make you laugh: that little thunderstorm you had turned out to be a near-tornado down here. we had stopped into home depot and when things started to look like dorothy in kansas the employees corralled us in the bathroom, insisting that was the safest place. guess that was their emergency plan. who knew? and when it was over we couldn’t make our purchase because they had no power, so the cash registers didn’t work!

    anyway, much love to you and lisa. hang in there. i know you will get sprung soon.

  4. Peggie Neill Says:

    Bruce and Lisa,
    There comes a weariness this far into this hospitalization, and things/family/friends outside the hospital start to look like some parallel universe. It’s not, we’re with you, and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Let yourselves be borne on the current of our love and faith; you don’t have to carry it all yourselves.
    You are so very loved.

  5. courtney =) Says:

    bruce – i’m happy to see the 8’s again, and glad to hear that you may out of the hospital soon. i hope that you and henry enjoy each other’s company this week…and laugh a lot together. =) still keeping up positive thoughts for you here.

    best to you, lisa, and the kids!

    courtney =)

  6. Bill Schaffner Says:

    Hi Bruce

    Am hoping you get to go home soon, devoid of all leukemic cells, rid of all nasty antibiotic-resistant E. coli and with a non-bleeding unremarkable GI tract.

    Keep up your exercise – it does magical good things for both your body and your mind.

    Get some good sleep, read a fun book, watch a ballgame and absorb all those hugs and kisses from Liza and the kids. Let Sugar curl up next to your feet and purr. You will be restored!


  7. Gail Lehmann Says:

    Hello Bruce,
    Mark and I continue to see our best VIBS for your recovery. We can’t wait to hear you are on your way HOME.

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