7-27-10 Tuesday

 (Lisa is filling in the blanks)

A long and tiring day.

Status: 8.0/10.  Another OK night of sleep, which in the hospital means about five uninterrupted hours.  I’ll take it.  

 Events: Began the day with my usual platelet transfusion.  Then the long-awaited endoscopy.  They put me out with a nice dose of Propofol – which is a wonderful anesthetic when used properly, because you don’t wake up drowsy.  (Unfortunately it was not used correctly with Michael Jackson.)  They found nothing obviously wrong, no active bleeding.  So whatever was causing me to bleed has apparently gone away.  I was all prepared to go back to my room when they changed plans on me and I had to head for an ultrasound on my liver, to see how those lesions are doing. That took another hour or so, and by the time I got back to my room more than four hours after I left it, I was exhausted.  Not only that, but I hadn’t eaten all day because I wasn’t allowed any food before the endoscopy. 

 When I finally did get back to my room the nurse noticed that the folks in endoscopy had failed to restart my usual IV medicines after the procedure, which caused one of the lines in my PICC to clot.  So began another round of intervention, including a chest x-ray (luckily portable, they bring the machine to me) to make sure the lines were still situated properly in my arm and chest, then a round of IV medication to unclog the lines.    And so it goes.

 The feeling among my doctors is that I am finally well enough to go home.  So the plan is to kick me out the door on Wednesday.  I think they know that they have little choice – I’m ready to walk out on my own with or without their permission.

 Comments:  We had been led to believe that after I left the hospital I would be going to the IPOP (inpatient/outpatient) clinic,  probably for daily visits.  Now there’s an indication I may be able to become a simple outpatient without the necessity of the trek to Hopkins on a daily basis.  But we’ll find that out for sure tomorrow.  

 I am going home to a house with no power, except that provided by our generator.  We are still one of the many local customers without electricity after the short but powerful storm blew in on Sunday.  Our generator provides lights, TV, some cooking, and computers – but no air conditioning.  I’ll take fans and a little heat over the hospital any day.  Hope to write you next from there.




4 Responses to “”

  1. Jill Stewart Says:

    Homeward bound! Love, Jill

  2. wendy Says:

    WOW. WOW. AND MORE WOW….Really a quite a test to be a patient.. how is it that they don’t do the “check, check,and re-check system, some hospitals initiated to improve health care.. Another suggestion for the hospital… Well, it seems you are taking your power back…GO B

  3. Hopie Says:

    We both feel a bit better with our news for the day! Love you, Mom

  4. joel steinberg Says:

    Yay, Bruce! We are so glad you get to go home. Now all you need is electricity. We hope the donor search proceeds apace and you can get on with that. Joel and Margaret.

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