7-30-10- Friday

Status: 8.0/10.   For whatever reason didn’t get a good night’s sleep, so felt out of sorts.

Events: Back at Hopkins for a lab check and platelet transfusion.  They want me back tomorrow for another platelet infusion.  Since they let me out with zero white cells (still virtually none) it’ll be a while before things get back to normal.  Getting an IV infusion of antibiotic 3 times a day  until counts are back up.  Taste buds still on the blink, which makes getting calories difficult. 

Comments:  At this stage last time I was still in the hospital, so it explains why I feel so much weaker at home than before.  Hopefully, I’ll get a little stronger each day.  Spending time with the kids – we had dinner all sitting on my bed – that was great.




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  1. wendy Says:

    realistic expectation is a MUST. glad you can remember your priior experience.. one moment at a time…sleep is a priority.. dopn’t push just relax that’s what the body needs…. perfection isn’t in order…

  2. Ashby Says:

    I love the idea of dinner in bed with the kids! The way things have been going round here this summer I would just settle for dinner with the kids in the kitchen. You let me know if me and the boys (Adventure Guides dads) can rustle up some white blood cells or taste buds for you. Suttle and Slaten are pretty good trackers. We’ll loose the hounds and ride out into the night to see what we find. Apparently Bruce Lee’s foghorn was on the blink the other night so you probably didn’t get the signal to make a break for it from Hopkins. Campbell and Conrad had to lead a riderless horse home. Harris was pissed at our performance. Ahern had a real nice mattress papoose set out for you. In the meantime, the boys are restless without you and they asked me all to tell you that they are glad you are home and that they can’t wait to ride with you again, soon.

  3. Warren Says:

    Wishing you good sleep, good rest, fast recovery and happy days.

  4. kate & rick Says:

    welcome home. we were really glad to spend some time with ethan this week — nevermind that silly strasburg didn’t show up as promised tuesday night. ethan’s camp stories had max (and us) laughing and laughing. who needs PEPCO when you have that great positive energy going?

  5. Andrea Tuttle Says:

    Even though taste buds are not active, Ensure ( or instant breakfast) with ice cream as a shake might be a good option. Kids will be jealous though. Glad to see those 8.0’s, they are still a step up from where you were. Can’t beat a picnic in bed with the kids either. Much love to you all.

  6. joel steinberg Says:

    This bad time will soon come to an end; and then you will be feeling alright. Every day Margaret asks. “Is there a new post on Bruce Dan’s blog?” I am hoping for the day when things will get back to normal for you and stay that way–and will be so routine and boring that blogging about them will be irrelevant. Joel S.

  7. Judi Golding-Baker Says:

    Dear Bruce
    Dinner in bed sounds lovely… believe it or not there are a couple restaurants that specialize in that mode of dining…well, I’m so glad you were supping in your home sweet home. I hope tonight is restful and tomorrow is a good, healing day for you…and this regimen keeps repeating so that you can get stronger and stronger.

    Love you (and love to Lisa,

  8. Judi Golding-Baker Says:

    Dear Bruce

    Dinner in bed sounds lovely…believe it or not there are a couple of restaurants that specialize in that mode of dining…well, I’m so glad you were supping in your home sweet home. I hope you get good rest tonight and feel a little more refreshed tomorrow…and this regimen just keeps repeating so that you feel better and stronger each day.

    Much love to you (and to your wonderful dinner companions…)

  9. Maralyn Marsteller Says:

    Bruce – I’ve been out of touch and am just now catching up. I’m so glad that you are documenting your experience because it’s such a fabulous reference for so many. You are one brave guy!

    Robert is in bed with a continuing skin sore and my mom (86) has been battling back mightily from a big fall. The weird piece for me is that I’m starting to confuse hospitals – I thought I was at Georgetown today when I was wandering down the halls of Sibley. Perhaps a dose of a few too many hospitals!

    I hope that you can come visit the Lower School Office soon. The entire suite was brown but is now a rainbow of colors with pink flowered pigs, an argyle horse, plaid monkeys etc. – a real managerie! You will love Annie Nichols.

    I’m off to check on Robert. I think of you all the time and send every good wish your way for continued strength as your fight goes on. You are quite an example of grace under pressure, my friend.

    GO VANDY! Love, Maralyn Marsteller

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