7-31-10 Saturday

Your comments and cards  are so critical to keeping me optimistic – thank you.

Status: 8.0/10.  Feeling a little stronger today.  At this point in time, I’m where I was after just 3 weeks of my 6 week previous hospitalization.  Still zero white cells and low platelets, but much better to be home.  As Lisa says, I’m not a good hospital boy.

Events:  Lisa and I made a quick trip for a rare Saturday visit to Hopkins to get platelets – very quiet on a weekend.  We’ll probably be up there every day until my counts come back.  

Comments:    Great having the kids come upstairs and say, “Dinner’s ready.”  Beats have someone from the Hopkins kitchen staff walk in your room and say, “Here’s your tray.”  Just have to keep reminding myself what I felt like after my first 3 weeks in the hospital the first time, and how much better I feel physcially and emotionally.  Gonna take the day off tomorrow and rest – next entry on Monday.

Love to all,



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  1. wendy Says:

    It’s all about the tape you plan in your head…keep talking to yourself.. yes I can, yes I can… One day this will be your history- that’s the goal you are working toward…jsut like the colonel from kentucky fried chicken said…he succeeded by numbers… the more you try to closer you get to your goal…gotten just keep knockin’ out those days… one at a time…

  2. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    Hi Bruce. Greetings from Grand Teton National Park. Have been out of e-mail and cell range for several days but seem to have service here. Wanted to let you and Lisa know I am thinking of you and so happy that you are home and feeling stronger.
    Here’s hoping that 8 turns into a 9

  3. wendy Says:

    for the record …. got to learn to type, (not spell) or perhaps put my glasses on when I respond. BTW dear brother Bruce… wondering how it is that you are counting… cause by the way I count / rate with patients, I’d be thinking 8 out of 10 is damn good for someone who has no white cells and is T-I-R-E-D.. perhaps those meds are really working? or you are smokin’ sumthin’

  4. Susan Bies Says:


    Like a vitamin, you are part of my daily routine. I don’t always comment – “quips” and bright, articulate insights are sadly not my forte. But don’t ever doubt, you are in my heart and on my mind – always. Privileged to know you and learn about life and living from you. susan

  5. Jill Stewart Says:

    As Willie Nelson’s song says, “you are always on my mind.” Thoughts and prayers for day-by-day progress.

    You note how the comments from your loyal following benefit you. But you cannot imagine how meaningful your reports are to those of us outside your immediate circle.

    Thanks for the candor, wit and wisdom throughout this most trying experience. Love, Jill

  6. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Our good friend Jill beat me to the punch with exactly the same sentiment I wish to convey…..YOU raise me up….think of Josh Groban song….”you raise me up…to be more than I could be without you”….thanks you for your blog, shared with so many who benefit from your insights….
    And like Sheryl, I’m out here in God’s country….now in Snowmass to participate in a charity event for Challenge America at the Vince Gill/Amy Grant invitational and concert….guess all I can contribute is $$ as I sure do NOT sing or play golf….sure is pretty here though….
    Sending you and Lisa and the kids, lots and lots of love,

  7. Phil Says:


    I’m one of the thousands of students you have impressed over the years with your “medai and public health” lectures. I was very sorry to find that you are ill. Hang in there, and beat this thing, so you can get back to teaching! Future generations of public health professionals need your humor!


  8. Gail Lehmann Says:

    Bruce, we read your blog every day or so and the comments as well. Nice to see one from Phil who was one of your students. Nice to know you touch so many people’s lives.
    Keep fighting!
    Gail & Mark

  9. laura Says:

    Dear Bruce and Lisa–sending up prayers and loving regard through the ties that bind. Your chronicles are an encouragement and a way to keeps us where we’d like to be– close. May God bless and heal and meet you where you are with comfort and hope and peace. And maybe a some good Memphis b b q when you’re ready. Blessings to you and Lisa and the children and your brothers.


    Laura C.

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