8-4-10 Wednesday

Status: 8.0/10.  Still hanging in there.  Appetite a little better, still missing some notes in my taste buds.

Events: Terry drove me to Hopkins this morning.  Labs showed my lowest platelet level throughout this ordeal, 8,000 (normal is 150,000 – 400,000).  So I received two bags of platelets, one unit of blood, and some IV potassium (my potassium level was inexplicably low).  Guess I need to eat at lot of apricots.  Back on Friday for more platelets.

Comments: Ended my two-week IV antibiotic infusion today and switched to a broad-spectrum oral antibiotic, which I’ll stay on until my white cells are back to normal.  Taking naps and trying to get my strength back, but your comments are the best strengthener I have, thank you.




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  1. Judi Golding-Baker Says:

    I think bananas are a good source of potassium, too…hang in there Dear Bruce…keep taking those naps…rest up…I’m hoping tomorrow you feel better and stronger.

    Love you

  2. Hope Dan Says:

    Waiting for those test buds to sharpen up so you can try the Haman’s Hats. We Love you much and more, Hope & Merrill, too.

  3. Judy and Larry Says:

    Too bad Terry didn’t bring you any Dinstuhl’s candy this trip. That might have gotten your taste buds moving.
    We hope that you get your strength back and your taste back very soon. So glad Terry is there to spend time with you.
    Just know that we continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We love reading your blog and appreciate you taking the time and effort to keep us updated. We look for good news each and every day.
    Love, Judy and Larry

  4. wendy Says:

    Rest rest rest… when the body needs it… it will demand it… so it’s ok just to accept that it’s ok and in time all this will be normal… \\\

    that’s a good mantra…it will one day soon all be normal…go with the flow.. believe and it will be… have the faith and it will be easier to believe…

  5. Steve Seekins Says:

    Know you are in our thoughts ad prayers, Bruce. You are inspiring us and many. Blessings, Steve and Mary

  6. Debbie Blum Says:

    Just to let you know I am thinking of you and sending best wishes and positive thoughts your way. Hopefully your counts will start rising very soon. Lots of rest is the order of the day. Keep positive and draw strength from your loving family and friends.


  7. Bill Israel and Eileen Breslin Says:

    Wouldn’t bananas help the potassium level, too, Bruce? You may be depleted, but your prose is reflecting a bit more energy. Keep resting! Very best from us both – Bill and Eileen

  8. Wally Schlech Says:

    Changing diapers and feeding the 1 mo old twins in Little Rock but still thinking and praying about you!

  9. Roxanne K. Young Says:


    Just don’t eat the pits.

    You go, guy. Lookin’ for 10/10.


  10. David McCarty Says:


    Look to see you as the iconic Health Care Knowledge contributor you are. And fondly remember the days with you at AMA, Whittle and that great dinner we had in San Francisco.

    Be well.

  11. Art Ulene Says:

    ……and your messages are the best strengthener that we have. Art

  12. Jackie J Says:

    Hi Bruce
    Just a note to say we are thinking of you and hoping each day gets a little easier for you.
    We are down at Sunset Beach. The restaurants are as mediocre as ever!
    Jackie and family

  13. Tom Hafer Says:

    Bruce – a little something to cheer you up – the pi march:

    3.14159 – getting started, doing fine

    2653589 – now we’ve done another line

    7932384 – now we’ve got a little more

    6264338 – try to keep these digits straight

    3279502 – I can do more, how ‘bout you?

    8841971 – rhyming pi is lots of fun

    6939937 – good little nerds will go to heaven

    5105820 – its been fun, but got to go

  14. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Hey there Bruce! I’ve been out of the country (again) but have thought of you so often….that even before reading my mail, I’ve logged in to find out how you are doing….
    Sending you love, and more love, and hope to be able to visit you within the next 3 weeks….
    Hang in there….those counts will soon pop right back to normal, as before.
    XOXO Donna

  15. winnie Says:

    Just hang in there you’re a tough guy and you will win.


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