8-5-10 Thursday

Status: 8.0/10.  A day without appointments and no IV infusions.  Slept late, felt a little stronger, appetite better but still miss those taste buds.

Events: Off to Hopkins in the morning for lab counts and probably platelets, hope to get enough to last the weekend.

Comments:   Terry leaves tomorrow and Lisa’s brother David comes for a visit.  Heard good news that 4 donors have been confirmed as 10/10 matches, and a fifth is expected to be confirmed soon.   After evaluating each, the transplant team will select which one is best.  My brother Hank sent along this link as good information about bone marrow donors if you’re interested.






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  1. Hope Dan Says:

    Found Hank;s link to bone marrow most interesting and informative, tho my age prevents my ability to become a donor and noone wants my organs either. oh well, thank goodness there are plenty available for you to get a perfect match. Hope you will get those white cells back soon and go on to the transplant, Love, Hope

  2. wendy Says:

    don’t know what the stats are….but think that you’ve had 5 perfect 10/10 matches is pretty remarkable…like you…

    might you do your own screening as well… develop a 10 point questionaire…like the questions you ask the kids…what is the capital of… who first did something etc..
    just for fun..

  3. Judy and Larry Says:

    Wow, so happy to hear you have so many choices for donors, Bruce. So sorry that we cannot help you. Just know we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you get your sense of taste back soon.
    Love, Judy

  4. Susan and Larry Says:

    Bruce, Glad to hear that you have so many donor’s that perfectly match. The best words I ever heard was you don’t have to come back for anymore checkups. Know the day will come soon. You have been through so much,you deserve some good breaks. Susan and I read your blog everyday. We pray that everything goes well. Our thoughts are with you, Lisa, and your lovely children. Your cousins Susan and Larry

  5. joel steinberg Says:

    With 4+ donors on tap, there is every reason to be optimistic. As always, we are pulling for you. Joel and Margaret S.

  6. Jay & Wendy Greenwald Says:

    Bruce – fantastic news about having 4 donors that are a match. Wendy & I also read your blog regularly to check up on you.

    I have another friend in MI who is in late stage prostate cancer at the ripe old age of 48 and he is thinking of starting a blog instead depending on e-mail distribution of the news. I have pointed him at yours hoping he’ll follow the example.

    We are praying for you, Bruce. Hang in there.

  7. Ashby Says:

    I saw that article in the WSJ and it reminded me that the Adventure Guides Nation is growing restless about organizing bone marrow donors. They seem to recognize that if they can’t help you directly they want to do it in your name. My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to deputize someone to get the ball rolling. Hey, it’s hard work herding cats! Can I get an orchestra of tiny violins to play in my general direction? In the meantime, I am warming up by providing Haynesworth as much encouragement as I can.

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