8-10-10  Tuesday

Your comments make all the difference.

Status: 8.0/10. Felt reasonably well today, still with no white cells, but afebrile.  If the subsequent cultures remain negative, I might get out of here Thursday.

Events:  Before I leave they’ll re-insert my Hickman catheter.  Right now I have two IVs in my left arm, and every blood draw is a needlestick from my right.  The catheter is a huge convenience. I’m sure I’ll go home on IV antibiotics and stay on them until my counts normalize.

Comments: As usual I’m chomping at the bit to get out of the hospital.  Just hope it will be soon.




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  1. wendy Says:

    imagine being my dialysis patients.. and having dialysis needles inserted every other day… ouch….for the rest of their lives….. glad I’m not them…it is interesting to see which patients deal with it and which ones grit their teeth and which are SCREAMERS. The ex-marine special services patient is the one who screams the loudest… go figure..

  2. johnnygolding Says:

    Hey Star! Been following your journey as though through a pinhole looking at the miracle of an eclipse – the darkness will pass — it’s already going. I know you don’t feel like you’ve got a lot (or indeed, any) energy, but you are the brightest star out there. We love you Bruce, you’re always in our thoughts. xxJohnny & Lake

  3. jackie Says:

    Dear Bruce,
    Thinking of you and hoping you get back home soon.

  4. joel steinberg Says:

    We hope so too. What a nasty setback. Joel and Margaret S.

  5. Rick Davidson Says:

    Like Judie said, had a nice time with the Cohens and talked about you. Alan retired from his heme/onc practice two years ago. We went birding this morning. We had a great time there with you two a number of years ago….as soon as you get through this, we’ll have a do-over. Hang in there, buddy.

  6. Ashby Says:

    Funny you should mention chomping at the bit, because I can muster a pretty good number of horse-propelled Adventure Guides who would be happy to come to your rescue. In the meantime, we are still googling “hickman catheters.” But rest assured, we will find this man you call Hickman and when he asks us who we are, we will tell him, in no uncertain terms (OK, slight accent), “We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges.” And then we will whisk you away so fast your IVs will wonder how they became VIs!

  7. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Dear ones,
    I send you love and courage and prayers for strength….you have carried so many of us through thick and thin….now allow us to do the same for you.
    You are my hero, and encourage the rest of us to “quit complaining” and get busy living….thanks, dear friends.
    Lisa….you are an angle….and set the gold standard for all the rest.

  8. Bill Schaffner Says:


    We are with you on your clinical rollercoaster. As one of your infectious disease pals, I can’t refrain from asking which of our bacterial friends were up to mischief this time? The first go-round it was E. coli as I recall (and with some resistance-yes, E. coli is starting to show up with some “Rs” attached to it). Glenn Koenig never knew how easy he had it! True, he had fewer antibiotics, but also true that the bugs he fought had fewer Rs.

    You say you’re chomping at the bit – watch what you’re doing; you’re thrombocytopenic!

    Feeble attempts at medical humor – laughter and love are the best medicines. I wish you oodles of both.

    Keep positive!


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