8-11-10 Wednesday

Status: 7.5/10. A rough night and day.  I was feeling pretty good yesterday evening, and they had scheduled platelet transfusions.  Although they had been scheduled for early evening, they didn’t arrive until midnight – a constant interruption from 12 to 2 AM, and no sleep thereafter.  Sleep deprivation is one of my biggest stressors, so a fitful day.

Events: Blood cultures came back with two bugs, and given their nature it looks like they had settled on my PICC line.  We’re awaiting the antibiotic sensitivities before putting in a Hickman catheter, and scheduled a cardiac ultrasound to make sure none of the little bugs have settled on a heart valve.

Comments: Just another reminder why it’s good to have white cells, and why it’s good to keep strange objects out of your body.  Hoping for some restorative sleep tonight, and outa here by Friday.




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  1. Andrea Tuttle Says:

    It’s almost Thursday. Keep singing to yourself ” Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, It’s only a day away.”
    Sounds like you are getting some answers to help guide further treatment and choices.
    Can they offer an a sleep aid after disrupting your sleep cycle? Warm milk from the kitchen, turkey, Enya, a copy of their HIPAA code, drugs?

  2. wendy Says:

    out out damn spot… get those germs to go away…. know you are looking for some good news… time to start healing my friend… so let’s all band together and do another collective prayer… it’s time to heal Bruce.

  3. Wally Schlech Says:

    Hang in there pal – the irony of your being an ID doc in a former life!

  4. margot Says:

    You showed up in my dreams last night looking svelt and healthy and though you were still fighting this battle you were clearly winning! It was a great sight to see and I will use it for visualizing only good days in your future.
    Keep your positive focus!

  5. Ashby Says:

    You just say the word and I can arrange for some of our larger Adventure Guides brethren to be on hand and utter, in a slightly jersey accent, to any middle of the night interruptions, “do you think that is a good idea?” Might not prevent any irksome sleep interruptions, but, maybe, it might. The gang is thinking of you as is I and mine for never have folk since folk were folk loved folk half as much we do you.

  6. Conrad's Says:


    Our family sends you lots of love and prayers. Know that so many people are sending love and prayers your way. We wish you a restful night and hope you return home soon.

    The Conrad’s

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