8-13-10 Friday

Status: 8.0/10.  HOME!  Pulled my peripheral IVs, disconnected me from the hive, and back on familar ground.  Looking forward to a night without being awakened for vital signs or voiding in a urinal.

Events: Hickman catheter inserted successfully.  I’ll be on two IV antibiotics (one just for a few days), and stay on the other until my white counts reappear.

Comments:  Feel better already, and hope to stay away from the hospital for some time.

Have a great weekend.  We’ll return Monday.




15 Responses to “”

  1. Reggie & Fred Says:

    Thrilled your home, Bruce. Enjoy the weekend!!

    We love you very much Reg & Fred

  2. Hansan Family Says:

    We have been following your posts and glad to see you are out of the hospital. Hopefully the storms and heat will stay away and you’ll get to enjoy some cooler weather. Take care of yourself and know all of us are thinking of you each day. Mark, Janice and the boy’s

  3. Tom Linden Says:

    Yeah, Bruce. I hope you enjoy your time at home. I’m also hoping your WBC count comes up soon. Best, Tom.

  4. Peggie Neill Says:

    How can you shout through an email – YESSSSS!!!!!

    Home, hearth, your own bed – and your family. Priceless….

    Sleep and savor the sweetness of home and your wonderful family,

  5. Judy and Ken Freedman Says:

    Yippie, Hurrah, Yahoo………..SO GLAD you are home!

    Judy and Ken

  6. Wendi Says:

    Wonderful! Enjoy and revive!

  7. Andrea Tuttle Says:

    What a lucky Friday the 13th. Hope your weekend brings you blessed rest and no drama. Are there pickles waiting for you?

  8. wendy Says:

    this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stated home and this little cried wee wee wee all the way HOME…Hoping this is a sweet weekend for you and that your strength improves with every passing minute….

    Tell Lisa that I think she’s a saint…. even if she is Jewish…

  9. Warren Says:

    Glad to see you home. Have a great weekend.

  10. Bill Israel and Eileen Breslin Says:

    That’s the best news of the day, Bruce. Love, Bill and Eileen

  11. winnie Says:

    sounds good to me!
    love winnie

  12. Hope Says:

    I wish you all the things your wonderful friends and family wish you, sweet sleep, good days and nights ahead, lots of white cells, good taste buds, and fun with Lisa, Rachel & Ethan, and some more of those cooler temperatures, not just yours, outside too.
    We love you so much. Mom
    I have a huge pile of blogs I print out every nite for your Dad to read.

  13. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Prayers answered….sweet dreams, dear friend, surrounded by those you love….and know that those who love you from afar will continue to shower you with our positive energy and thoughts! Thrilled you made it back to base camp! XOXO Love, Donna

  14. Ken Zwick Says:

    Welcome home Bruce. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. Ken & Ruth

  15. Lynn Oliver Says:

    YES! Cheering you (all) on…xoxo Lynn

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