8-16-10 Monday

Status:  8.0/10.  Getting a little bit stronger each day; appetite pretty good.

Events:  An early start at Hopkins today but a long day.  Just for simple transfusions, but lots of wait times.  Lisa and the kids came up, and they enjoyed Baltimore while I went through the process.  Good news – a few white cells started popping their heads up.  They should start increasing soon, and that will make all the difference.

Comments:  Don’t have to go back until Thursday.  Nice to have normal days at home.




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  1. Bill Israel and Eileen Breslin Says:

    It’s good to hear you getting a couple days between visits to the hospital, Bruce — and to know you’re starting to produce some white cells. Good!!!

    Bill and Eileen

  2. Lewis Lefkowitz Says:

    Your cheering section shouts “Go WBCs”

  3. Art Ulene Says:


  4. Hope Says:

    All things going good! Keep it up!
    Love You

  5. Henry Miller Says:

    Way to go, Bruce!

    Keep pushing calories (I’m a fan of Ensure-Plus) and take a multivitamin twice a day. All those enzymes need fuel and cofactors!

    Course VII

  6. Johnny & Lake Says:

    Hurray! and Hurrah! ‘You’re a superstar, yes, that’s what you are!’ goes the pop song – so applicable to you and your wbc’s!! Glad to hear they’re coming back. Big love to you xx

  7. Judie Davidson Says:

    Hoorah for the white cells. Keep it up.

  8. bob price Says:

    Bruce, Welcome back WBC’s !! today’s blog proves the adage about “short & sweet”; Keep having no drama to write about………enjoy home & family, and keep getting stronger & better. Love to you & Lisa, bob & karen

  9. wendy Says:

    White cells how do I love you let me count the ways,…love wendy

  10. Nancy Olson Says:

    I have been following your journey throughout the summer. You. Lisa, and the kids have been in my constant prayers. I am so happy that you getting a little “normal” back into your life. Keep it up and this will soon all be a distant memory! Take Care, Nancy

  11. joel steinberg Says:

    Yay! Go neutrophils! Joel and Margaret S.

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