8-30-10 Monday

 Hope you all had a good weekend, it was a good one here.

Status: 8.75/10. Went for a walk with Lisa and Rachel, feeling stronger daily.  

Events:  One of our quickest trips to Hopkins.  White cells and neutrophils keep climbing, and labs looked so good they said to go home.   We’ll check in Wednesday, and look forward to fewer and fewer days each week at Hopkins.

Comments:  My recovering lab results after the second round of chemotherapy are paralleling what we saw after the first round.  Although it could be argued that my feelings of wellness, strength, appetite, and endurance are just increasing at the same rate as my white cells but not related to them, I feel strongly that they are directly related to the white cell number.  Those white cells are either producing some good substances or blocking some bad ones.  In either case, I’m feeling good now and look forward to  feeling even better over the next few weeks.




10 Responses to “”

  1. Wendi Says:


  2. Peggie Says:

    Bruce –
    What a great posting – we all can practically see the bounce in your step and hear the energy in your voice.
    And for your mental imagery, I am in Hotlanta, at the scene of yours, Wally’s and my many high jinks 🙂

    Back atcha!

  3. Steve Seekins Says:

    This is so great to hear, Bruce. Know that you are being remembered and prayed for by many! Blessings to you all. Steve

  4. wendy Says:

    Fabulous ! Finally!…Now remember this and hold that thought in your memory bank for the next time you need to draw on it for an Image in your imagery work… really – there is a connection… the body makes many “parallels” and connection… welcome back to the real world…

  5. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Wonderful news…. you were certainly overdue for a good weekend! Hope you continue to feel good and gain strength day by day… much love, Laurie

  6. Catherine Says:

    This was a great update to get! It certainly made my day.

    Staring Friday I will be off-line for a few weeks traveling so I’ll catch up with your blog when I get back. I look forward to lots of good news postings! Love to you, Bruce, and Lisa and the kids.


  7. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    keep it up!
    so glad to read such an upbeat report. looking for more spring in your step in the days and weeks ahead.

  8. Jay & Wendy Greenwald Says:

    Great to hear that you are getting around a little more and are getting stronger everyday. We think of you and the family so often and are sending lots of hugs. It’s so hard to be so far away.

  9. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Awesome news, Bruce. When last I checked in you were at a 7.0 and the days were much harder….so happy to learn that you are feeling significantly better with each passing day. What’s the plan for the transplant and the right match….do share. Sending you, Lisa and the kids love and more love, Donna

  10. Steve Rabin Says:

    Bruce, So glad to hear about the excellent progress. NYC says Go! Go! Go!

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