9-13-10 Monday              

Status: 9.0/10.  Feeling the best I’ve felt in a long while, and my labs are great – red cells, white cells, and platelets are increasing on their own, so I don’t think I’ll need any more assistance from the Hopkins blood bank. Don’t need to come back for a checkup until next week.

Events:  Good consultation with our oncologist this morning.  Moving forward with scheduling the bone marrow transplant and will start some of the evaluation tests next week (EKGs, pulmonary function tests, etc.)  The issue with using someone from the donor bank (even a perfect match) is the logistics (they have to get them in for evaluation tests,  and it has to be within 30 days of the transplant, so not too early and not too late).

 As you might remember, my leukemia has a specific mutation that can be identified, FLT3 (flit 3).  And given that the transplant schedule may slip a week or two longer, our oncologist started me today on a FLT3-inhibitor, sorafenib (suh-RAF-uh-nib) to keep me in remission.  It’s one of the newer anti-cancer agents that are referred to as targeted chemotherapy, not your poisons of old, which I’m now too familiar with, but inhibitors of specific enzyme growth promoters called kinases (KY-naces).  Similar in mechanism to drugs like Gleevec and Avastin.  Sorafenib targets several of the kinases.  It’s a tablet taken twice a day, and that’s pretty well tolerated. Of course, we’re hoping to get my donor in the works quickly.

Comments:  There are a number of things I haven’t shared with you here, not that they are too personal (I’ve been pretty personal), but they were of minor importance compared to some other more pressing news.  But Lisa thought I should share them with you (she’s a pretty good judge of those things), so while I’m feeling good I’ll relate some interesting experiences starting tomorrow.

 Until then, my love to you all,



10 Responses to “”

  1. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Bruce…. I am so thrilled to hear those words “feeling the best I have felt in a long while.” It does my heart good to know that you are improving, getting stronger and feeling better. Keep up the good work. We continue to send our love and good wishes to you and your family…. Laurie

  2. wendy Says:

    and this is the part where I’m patrticularly thrilled that you are at Hopkins… the specifics that can target the inhibitors of specific enzyme growth promoters called kinases (KY-naces). Trials specialist know and work on the infinite specifics that can make the difference in an attempt and a cure..here’s to the CURE>>> and your donor and timely transplant… I feel a cure coming on… prayers,…as always

  3. Esperanza Says:

    And love right back atcha, and goodnite, sleep well!

  4. Kathy Shands Says:

    What a great first sentence to read this morning! Yay!!!
    Love from both of us. Kathy & Joe

  5. Roxanne K. Young Says:

    Awesome, Bruce! So glad to read this.


  6. joel steinberg Says:

    We are glad you are feeling good. It brightens our day. Do you need to have all your marrow wiped out a third time for the bone marrow transplant? Not pleasant to look forward to, if so. Keep us updated. Joel and Margaret S.

  7. Bill Schaffner Says:

    The good news continues – excellent!


  8. Margot Mahoney Says:

    Bruce – such great news! Keep it coming! Love to all.

  9. Beth Says:


    Love to hear such great news and so glad you are feeling well! Great way to usher in the New Year.

    Continued prayers,

  10. mike magee Says:


    Thrilled the transplant is getting closer. You are a marvel! Prayers and blessings to you and your family!


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