9-27-10 Monday

Status: 9.0/10.  Doing fine.

Events:  Wonderful friend Eileen Breslin was in town for a meeting and dropped by.  Eileen is Dean of Nursing at the Univ of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, and her husband journalist Bill Israel has a book coming out next month on Karl Rove – pretty good timing.

Comments: Next visit at Hopkins is Thursday, the same day donor #4 is supposed have his/her evaluation wherever that is.  I’ll delay boring you until Thursday and give you an update.




4 Responses to “”

  1. Andy Lemer Says:

    9 out of 10 and boring is an excellent state of existance, considering the alternatives! Life is like flying (or a box of chocolates, depending on your quote sources and basic level of optimism). Continued best wishes for continuing progress!

  2. Beth Says:

    Hope all goes well at Hopkins tomorrow.
    Continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!

    in Atlanta

  3. Peggie Neill Says:

    Every single one of us is going to be beside you and Lisa all day long tomorrow. Each and every one of us.

  4. wendy Says:

    thursday is a good day..and as peggie said we’re all going to beside you tomorrow

    and every other day. one small step for man..and one giant leap for mankind

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