10-1-10 Friday

We’ve been so fortunate through all of this.  Cards, comments, books, meals, biscotti, and even dill pickles!  It’s your encouragement that keeps us going.  I am deeply grateful.

Status: 9.0/10.  Feeling better.  My sorafenib dosage was reduced, and my cold is about gone.  Riding my stationary bike twice a day trying to get in the best shape I can.

Events:  Looks like we’ll enter the hospital in about 10 days.  We’ll get confirmation next week.

Comments:  I’ll try to spend next week’s blog on the transplant process.  Until then, have a great weekend.

Love to all,



2 Responses to “”

  1. Peggie Neill Says:

    The weekend will definitely be better with your good news foremost in my mind. You pedal away on that stationery bike, and we’ll all pray that much harder!
    Love you,

  2. Ashby Says:


    Adventure Guides is starting to stir now that the school year has begun. Lots of positive kharma being generated. As firm believers in prayer (recall: “And now may the creator of the universe . . . .”), we are amping, vamping and stamping some energy in your direction. It must be working cause you seem to be feeling the love! Keep getting stronger because a group like ours can never have too many doctors on call!

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