10-18-10 Monday

Status: 9.25/10.  Nothing like being home laughing with the kids.  Somehow we got on the topic of Christmas trees, and I asked them, “Why are they always evergreens?”   Rachel of course said because they were always green.  Ethan said, “You mean that’s why they call them evergreen?”  We both went, “Duh!”  Rachel said she could actually see the light bulb go off over his head.  We all were laughing.

 Events:  Got a call from the transplant coordinator today.  Going to re-admitted this Wednesday.  The usual drill is Wednesday admission for transplants (it was when I was admitted last week – it fits into their prearranged schedule).  So we start the process again with hopefully no interruptions.

Comments:  Being home, feeling so well, reminds me once again why staying in a hospital for 2 months is so loathsome.  We hope it results in me staying home permanently.  A brief trip back to Hopkins tomorrow for a repeat of the initial lab work again.




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  1. Cliff Karchmer Says:

    Bruce–i am sure you saw or heard of the Broadway play about Southern Jews. You could tell them because their (our) Xmas trees had no star at the top! Take care, Cliff

  2. Beth Says:

    So last week was just a test run… I know I’m not alone in my hope all goes as planned so you can get this part of your journey behind you!

    Many, many prayers coming to you, Lisa, your kids, and all who are a part of your healing!

    Cousin Beth

  3. wendy Says:

    two months seems like a lot but not too bad compared to those hostages that have been taken in war and columbia etc… You will fare way better cause you are so smart and so creative and so strong and so much support is there to help and there are soooo many prayers out there to guide and provide lots of love and good energy. You will survive and conquer and triumph. WE know you can, will!!

  4. Barbara McKee Says:

    Best wishes to you, Bruce, for a complete recovery. Your optimism is unsurpassed by none and I know that you will win, recover and continue to be “the World’s Smartest Man”. By the way, hopefully they kept that larger corner room for you – you deserve to have it!

  5. Esperanza Says:

    “the World’s Smartest Man”. Barbara is right, I had thought it was Einstein.
    Hear they have his brain back where it belongs

  6. Andy Lemer Says:

    Pretty good article in Miller-McCune on-line mag on bacterial communities in the human gut and elsewhere, bearing on your recent experience, Bruce. http://www.miller-mccune.com/science-environment/bacteria-r-us-23628/ May the force be with you!

  7. Bill Israel and Eileen Breslin Says:

    Go, Bruce. You keep saving up those good times as sustenance for the next couple months, and we’ll keep cheering. We truly appreciate your keeping us posted. Love, Bill and Eileen

  8. Penny Hodgson Says:

    Hi Bruce, I sat beside Tom Linden at a wedding reception Saturday and he told me about your situation and your website. I spent Sunday with my iPad and you. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through and so grateful that you’re willing to share it. Your blog is both the purest and the best teaching tool I’ve seen in years because it’s real and you communicate with the best. Following up on what Tom said about continuing medical education, I asked our director of CME if she would be willing to offer credits for physicians following your blog and she is — if you are willing. I don’t want anything to change the character of the blog, so will understand if you’d rather not. Best of luck this week. Penny

  9. Carolyn & Patrick Hyde Says:

    We think and talk about you daily. We’re continually amazed at your perserverance and upbeat attitude (helped I am sure by a beautiful wife and a super pair of kids!). So glad to hear that your donor is good to go, and everything seems to be moving in the right direction. Sending you best wishes, prayers and good karma.

    Carolyn and Patrick

  10. joel steinberg Says:

    This all sort of reminds me of the early days of the space program–one glitch after another initially; but great success eventually. We hope that now is the time for great success. We just have a feeling that it will be. Love from both of us. Joel and Margaret S.

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