10-19-10 Tuesday

Status: 9.25/10.  Hopkins for baseline labs; a quick trip back and forth.  I’ve regained almost all my lost muscle mass and tone with simple weight lifting. I’m not talking about 150 lb bench presses, but using just 1 lb, 2, lb, 3 lb, and 5 lb  weights.  Studies have shown remarkable improvement in older individuals with resistance training with small weights.  And you actually gain more muscle mass and strength with “slow” movements.  Instead of doing a biceps curl in 2 seconds, take 10.  I’d recommend it for almost anyone.  Plenty of places online to demonstrate how to isolate muscle groups (triceps, deltoids, quadriceps, etc.). 

Events:  Tomorrow we replay last week.  We’ll get up to Hopkins by noon, and start a test dose of Busulfan, one of the two myeloablative (from the Greek, myelos, marrow; and Latin, ab, latus carried away) drugs I’ll receive.  The purpose is to destroy my marrow and leukemia cells and make way for my new transplanted marrow.  I’ll then start 4 days of Busulfan and Fludarabine, a day of rest, and then receive my transplant next Tuesday.

Comments:  This week of being home feeling so well has been marvelous.  I’ll miss it greatly.  But I’ll get to see a transplant up close and personal (as will you), and that should be quite interesting.  Your support all through this has been wonderful.  Thank you.




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  1. Cliff Karchmer Says:

    Bruce, you sound so fantastic! Surely a positive mental attitude means a great deal now, and you are definitely there!! We are all with you in spirit and prayers: you are home.

  2. Judy and Larry Says:

    So happy to hear how well you are feeling. And to know that you are stronger is uplifting. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We hope and pray that everything goes as planned and that you are able to get that much needed transplant. We look forward to hearing the good news that it was a success and that you are well on your way to a full recovery. Best of luck and stay strong.
    Love, Judy and Larry

  3. wendy Says:

    I’m thrilled to hear about the muscle building..that’s sooo important. Good for you!! You are a model patient and we know you will continue to be one

  4. Margot Says:

    Only the very best thoughts and wishes coming your way. From all of us.

  5. Jill O'Mahony Stewart Says:

    Flex those muscles and stay strong! We’re out here in the blogosphere sending you good, strong vibes and lots of love! Jill

  6. Marsha Says:

    OK Bruce – I’m with you about the weightlifting and all, but what’s this about being good “for older individuals”?? Will it help you, as well?? “Young at heart” is all that matters – and you’ve got that! Lotsa luck today — we’ll be thinking of you.

    Here’s a visual for you – lots of newly transplanted cell coursing through your veins and arteries with little weights (hemoglobin molecules, bundles of albumin…) making them strong to win the fight! We’ll be rooting for them!

    Eat well and get your rest,
    Speak to you soon —


  7. joel steinberg Says:

    I’m not sure our “Governator” would agree with you on the weight thing. But I have certainly noticed that it is harder to do weights slowly than quickly. Also, holding one position is harder than constantly moving. Good luck on the whole transplant process. Joel and Margaret S.

  8. Gail Lehmann Says:

    Your cheerleaders are dressed with their pompoms and ready to GO with you through the transplant “World Series”.

  9. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Dear Bruce and Lisa,
    I’m back in the swing following a crazy busy two weeks spent in non-stop travel…have followed, religiously, your blog, but prefer to respond via my laptop than BB….
    Know the setback was frustrating (at best) for you but also know that God’s plan for you will work out just as it should.
    My prayers for smooth sailing with the transplant this week go without saying.
    Feel the love, sent from so many….including me!

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