10-22-10  Friday  Day –5  (You might note that Day -5 is the same designation as yesterday.  That’s because we were told today that the bone marrow will be delivered by courier around  1 AM ET, which is of course officially Wednesday not Tuesday.  While we don’t know where it is coming from, we guess it’s from a donor in the U.S. and ferried here by jet).


Status:  9.0/10.  Another good day despite chemotherapy.  A little tired from two nights of interrupted sleep.  I should get some rest tonight.


Events:  Nice visits from fraternity brother Andy Lemer and from Laurie Singer.  Long walks with Lisa, who brought delicious sandwiches and salad.  I had three visits from nutritionists asking what I thought about the hospital food.  I simply said, “It’s hospital food.”

  Received my second of four doses of chemotherapy this evening.  So far, so good.  Reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon.  A man has jumped off a skyscraper and halfway down he says, “So far, so good.”


 Comments:   Good friend Susan Freed sent us altered lyrics to the hit song “Tomorrow” from Annie.  She made it “To Marrow.”  Brilliantly clever and funny just like Susan.

  Lisa brought in a notepad by our home phone with a message on it.  She asked if I recognized the handwriting.  I said it was mine.  She said she thought so, too.  But it written by Rachel, and it is an exact duplicate of mine!  And I’ve never had anything to do with her handwriting.  It’s all in the genes guys.


  P.S. Fraternity brother Dr. Joel Steinberg is correct that an object tossed in a straight line in a spinning capsule (a rotating reference frame) would seem to follow a curved path as viewed by those in the capsule, and they would agree that there must be some mysterious force acting upon it.  That force (the Coriolis force) was named after a 19th century French mathematician named Gaspard-Gusatve Coriolis.

  Imagine two people sitting opposite each other at a round table.  If one of them rolls a tennis ball to the other it will travel in a straight line.  But if you set that table (and the two guys sitting at) spinning like a merry-go-round the ball won’t appear to go in a straight line to them.  In fact, if you rolled it at the right speed you could shoot it to your partner and it would seem to come back to you on the other side, making a curved path.  But someone hovering over the table would simply see the ball go in a straight line and you coming round to meet it.  That’s why physicists call it a “fictitious” force.  Yet if the guys around the table didn’t know or feel they were rotating they could chalk up the tennis ball and it would leave a curved path on the table.  In fact, they could calculate what the force had to be to move the tennis ball from the straight line.  Yet even though “fictitious” it’s responsible for the spinning of hurricanes and cyclones and why water flows down the drain clockwise or counterclockwise depending which side the equator you are on.  That’s because we live on a rotating reference frame (the spinning Earth) but don’t feel it.  Artillerymen in World War I felt something was wrong when their shells kept landing right of their target.  And I imagine folks in Florida feel it during the hurricane season.

  I’ll be battening down the hatches pretty soon myself, but enjoying the good days now.






4 Responses to “”

  1. Art Ulene Says:

    You amaze and delight me! I send my love. Art

  2. Tom Toftey Says:

    Good morning, Bruce! Lots of love flowing your way as your transplant gets closer. Thanks for your insights, education, commentary and positive outlook — we’re all better people for it. A hug to Lisa. Love to you. Tom

  3. Lynn Oliver Says:

    Only you can make T-5 sound like a place we’d like to be, where the conversation is illuminating as well as entertaining. Sending love, Lynn

  4. joel steinberg Says:

    And grit your teeth, pull up your socks, strap on your gear, and go forth. We are with you. Joel and Margaret

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