10-25-10  Monday  Day –2  Status:  8.75/10.  A little nausea and vomiting.  Increased my ant-nausea drugs to twice a day.  The most difficult aspect is not feeling like you want to eat and get calories and protein in.

Events:  Lisa up for the day.  Such comfort.  No meds today, and two days of rest before my transplant. 

Comments:   We’ve crossed the Rubicon, the expiration  of my marrow is a foregone conclusion.  It held me in good stead all these years.  Now I will depend on someone else’s for life support.  Most if not all of the antibodies I formed over time will be lost, those received by vaccination and those by infection.  But that’s in the future.  Now we just have to deal with infections from the soon-to-be lack of white cells.




8 Responses to “”

  1. Wendi Says:

    May you feel waves of love instead and may your immunity be buoyed by the love of family and friends.

  2. JACKIE Says:

    Dear Bruce–
    As I write this, I hope you are sleeping peacefully and gathering strength for the next step. We all wish you the very best
    Jackie and family

  3. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    Such a fascinating take on what you are going through — the idea that your bone marrow, a part of you for all these years, is no longer. Many have experienced bone marrow transplants; I would venture to say that few, if any, bring the wisdom and insight that you do.
    With many warm thoughts, much love and a prayer that you will find strength to share your insights for months and years to come,

  4. Andrea Tuttle Says:

    Alea iacta est! As Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon. I would take a gamble on you any time. Out with the old and in with the new! The structure, spirit, memories and organization of you remains to be enhanced by an infusion of warm and healthy life. A Happy New You to you.

  5. wendy Says:

    while it’s hard to imagine the likes of the person whose bone marrow is coming your way..I venture to say- there have would been a very lucky person to have received any of your genetic goods for transplant.. I’m hoping the person who has been kind enough towant to save a life is not only thoughtful and caring and wise but as special and talented as you.

  6. Warren Says:

    May your new bone marrow protect you against all assaults.

  7. Bill Schaffner Says:


    We’re all watching closely and supporting in spirit. I’m just off to the ACIP meeting at CDC (if I can dodge the tornadoes). Hope to see Burce Gellin there. We’ll hoist a glass in your direction in anticipation of the day when you can join us.



  8. joel steinberg Says:

    This is like being in the path of the hurricane. You know it’s coming. You know it’s bad. But with a modicum of luck and lots of preparation, you will weather the storm. We are with you. Joel and Margaret S.

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