10-27-10  Wednesday  Day 0  Transplant.

All the comments were so cheery.

 Status:  9.0/10.  A little tired after a long night, but feeling pretty good.

Events:  Transplant arrived at 1:40 AM by courier in a blue Igloo container (just like the movies).  The courier said that it looked like “good stuff” since it was a bright red.  It came in a large bag and looked more like tomato juice than crimson blood.  I suspect the color change was having the plasma (straw-colored fluid) removed and the cells washed with saline.

  They had taken my vital signs at 1:30 AM as a baseline and given me a diuretic (Lasix) because some people have had a problem with fluid overload.  The oncologist said it was a good sized-transplant (almost a liter containing more than 22 billion cells).  They raised my IV pole and let it infuse by gravity instead of a pump.

  Lisa stayed up with me to document the process and take pictures.  Vital signs continued every 15 minutes for a while, then shifted to every hour.  The nurse came in at about 4:15 AM when it had finished, tilted the bag upside down, let saline run in it, washed everything to the bottom and let the dredges run in –they didn’t want to waste anything.  For those of you who know that pumped breast milk is like gold, this stuff is platinum.

 They’ve also started anti-virals, another antibiotic, in addition to my anti-fungal meds in anticipation of the drop in white cells that occurs between the death of my old marrow and the engraftment of the new.  Should be about Day 30.  My earlier recoveries were slow, we’ll see how this new marrow does.

Comments:   I’ll have about a day and a half of rest before the post-transplant Cytoxan starts (given to decrease graph vs. host disease).  Then as my long-term oncologist said this morning on a visit, “Then it’s just waiting.” 

  Now that I have two birthdays (and share them with so many) I’ll get a chance to see what’s it’s like not being someone with only a late December birthday.




25 Responses to “”

  1. Catherine Says:

    WOW. All I can say is WOW!

  2. joel steinberg Says:

    GO STEM CELLS! Margaret and I await the day you will get to leave Hopkins for good. Keep your eye on the prize. Joel S.

  3. Darya Nasr Says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Bruce!!!! And Many happy returns!

  4. Judy Moss Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bruce. May you celebrate many more happy and HEATLHY birthdays to come. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
    As a side note, I was in a doctor’s office yesterday and the TV was on. I wasn’t paying much attention to it until I heard, “Hi! I am Dr. Bruce Dan” and was so happy to see you on the TV. You were talking about healthy snacks for kids and had 2 children at the table with you. You looked so good. I hope to see you looking that good the next time we get to see you in person in Memphis.
    Take care and the best of luck to you, Lisa and children.
    Love, Judy

  5. Margot Mahoney Says:

    Fantastic! I am amazed that you are even writing today! October birthdays are the best! ( 3 of us have them) And Deecmber is next ( David’s) You certainly deserve 2 and should plan to always celebrate both! Here’s to a smooth recovery and a quick one. Cheers!

  6. Mitzi Krockover Says:

    Happy belated birthday from the Sokolovs!

  7. Blaine Says:

    Happy birthday to a fellow Scorpio! Glad to hear everything’s started well. Looking forward to a speedy recovery.

  8. Alpa and Ken Says:

    Congratulations on a successful launch day!

  9. Jill O'Mahony Stewart Says:

    You’ve added considerable detail to what’s a surprisingly undramatic event (the drip vs. a transplanted organ, say) but given us lay folks a real insight about the whole process. Fingers crossed and prayers offered up as the transplant takes hold. Let it begin its work! Love, Jill

  10. Beth Says:

    Ditto to Jill’s comments. I am not a science person, and you have me completely engaged!

    By the way, October 27th birthdays ROCK! Just in time for Halloween. I’m sure you will come up with lots of great costume ideas!

    Continued prayers for a complete healing Bruce…

    Cousin Beth

  11. Judy and Lewis Lefkowitz Says:

    If there is a way to forward our thanks to the donor, please do so for everyone of us.

  12. Marcia Russell Says:

    How wonderful, Bruce! Our family has always loved October since we celebrate four birthdays in this month. According to our children’s elementary school song, ” October is the best month of the year;” and we all think it will be for you, too.
    Lots of love to you & your dear family,
    Marcia & Wilson, Stuart & Marley, & Virginia

  13. Art Ulene Says:

    Happy Birthday, young man! You continue to amaze us all…. almost as much as that lovely wife of yours. Hugs to Lisa…..ART

  14. Denise Hanten Says:

    A Very Happy Birthday. So glad it finally happened.

  15. Eileen Breslin Says:

    Happy Birthday our dear friend, here is to many more! May ypu stay a few steps away from bugs. We have been eagerly awaiting your reports. Finish our days reading your notes and cheering you on. Time, patience, love, support are all with you. You are not alone on this journey. How exciting and sending love, Eileen and Bill

  16. Susan Bies Says:

    Yesterday was my brother’s birthday and today is now yours! Beginnings are so very special and so are you.

  17. Tom Linden Says:

    I’m thinking of you as you begin your recovery. I’m following your progress along with so many other people.

  18. wendy Says:

    Ditto to Art’s comments…Lisa has been an amazing champion… and then some.. you picked good when you propsed to her. She was worth the wait. I suggest not only a 2nd birthday but a renewal of your vows..she needs to be the center of attention again..here’s to the both of you for stamina and the “right stuff”

  19. the Slaten family Says:

    I’ve never been much of a birthday person, until today. Go, Bruce! Best wishes from Potomac!
    – Kate & Rick

  20. Lynn Oliver Says:

    GO GIRL!!! (XX)

  21. Sharon McDonnell Says:

    Yippee, real progress and you sound like you feel pretty good for all the goings on and the hospitalization. We will be will be going to Rally to Restore sanity at DC Mall this weekend. Want us to bring you a liberal T-shirt to memento? We can drop it off at the Hop perhaps Sunday.
    Candle still lit for you– holding you in the light.


    • brucedan Says:

      Sharon –

      Lisa just brought me your wonderful card and CD. You are so great! My biggest regret being in the hospital this weekend is missing the rally on the mall – what fun. Haven’t been to a “be in” since college. If you find an appropriate T-shirt, I’ll put it on and tell my doctors I snuck out for a quick trip to the mall. Have a great weekend. If you see Sarah Palin tell her she’s in the wrong place (what’s new?). Love, – Bruce

      Sent from my iPad

      • Sharon McDonnell Says:

        Sending one ginormous t-shirt. see blog for pictures and description. It was so fun. Really good for the heart and my inner-revolutionary.

        What now rally to restore sanity– pictures and thoughts.

        My interview of the Al Jezeera reporter was amazing. I have found such tragic but understandable reluctance by people from middle-east to talk until one proves they are friend not foe. I used to enjoy the cab drivers, the shop owners — everyone. After all who else wants to hear my halting Arabic or Dari? Their fear is a loss to our national spirit. Sigh.

        Enough from me…. wear your T-shirt and read lots of signs from the internet. My blog, huffington post, many many others. THey are GREAT…funny and biting and just right.


  22. Judie Davidson Says:

    Amazing. Thank you for all the information. I read your blog first thing every morning.

  23. Karen Jaffe Says:

    Happy belated BD and many more healthy and happy


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