10-30-10 Saturday  Day +3

 Status:  8.75/10.  A little nausea and vomiting from the chemotherapy (ameliorated by anti-nausea meds) and abdominal cramping from C. difficile (ameliorated by an all liquid diet – gonna lose a few days caloric input, but a small price to pay).

Events:  Finished up my chemotherapy, and it’s just waiting for my counts to rise this next 4 weeks and supporting me with platelets, red cells, and antibiotics.

  Ethan and Lisa up for the day.  Ethan enjoying my iPad.  I was wearing an MIT T-shirt and my attending asked, “Did you go to MIT?  What course?”  I said, “Course XVI” (all courses at MIT are known by their number).  He paused and said, “Wait, don’t tell me.”  Finally guessing Aeronautics and Astronautics.  For him, I guessed Course VII, Life Sciences.  The rest of the rounding staff had no idea what we were going on about.  The resident piped up she had gone to Harvard.  I said, “What’s wrong, you couldn’t get into MIT?”  Score one for the patient.  The attending had asked where I had gone to medical school.  I said, “Vanderbilt.”  He said, “What’s wrong, couldn’t get into Hopkins?”  Score one for the other side.

Comments:   I am surprised that it is gone so well so far.  Now we wait for the consequences of what we’ve done.  But transplant patients have benefited tremendously from what has gone on before.  They’ve been able to enjoy the benefits of increased effectiveness while decreasing the side effects and complications. 

  Enjoy the weekend.




11 Responses to “”

  1. Judy and Lewis Lefkowitz Says:

    Too bad your attending didn’t get into Vanderbilt.

  2. esperanza, and Moshe Dovid Says:

    Good on you my man, keep it up your spirits lift ours,
    love xxxooo

  3. Esperanza, and Moshe Dovid Says:

    Thanks, now I can go to sleep, and you sleep well too, know how you hate sleep deprivation. MD is long gone in slumberland

  4. wendy Says:

    ok for the tit for tat,.but you left out Purdue and University of Chicago. NASA, CDC, WLS, JAMA. You punched your card well

  5. Wally Schlech Says:

    But neither of you got into Williams! .. hang in there buddy!

  6. Judy and Larry Says:

    So very glad to see you still have your sense of humor. We hope things continue to progress in a positive manner. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  7. sheldan Says:

    Who these days even uses Roman numerals?!

  8. Henry Miller Says:


    You’ll remember, I’m sure, Elsie’s, the iconic hole-in-the-wall sandwich place in Harvard Square. They used to have a sign in front of the cashier that read: “Mints, $.02, TWO CENTS.” Whenever anyone would ask about it, the cashier would answer, “You need to understand that we have two kinds of customers: M.I.T. students, who can’t read; and Harvard students, who can’t count.”

    Glad to hear you’re holding up so well.

  9. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Good spirits…. and good company. Nice mix. Hope you have a good night’s sleep and a better tomorrow! Love to you. Laurie

  10. Shelley FLeet Says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Bruce. All my best wishes and prayers are with you.
    Shelley Fleet
    MIT ’69

  11. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    Stay strong Bruce ! Following every word.
    Much love,

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