11-01-10 Monday Day +5

Status: 9.0/10. Had an excellent night’s sleep and feeling good the whole day. Also still unattached to my IV, which is exhilarating. My counts are continuing to drop, with white counts around 300.

Events: Lisa is still home with a sore throat, most likely viral, but I’ve advised her to get a strep throat culture. Lonely, without her here, but can’t afford any pathogens in the room. Good friend Laurie Singer kept me company.

Comments: I’ll continue to try to enjoy and appreciate these good days.

You, too!




7 Responses to “”

  1. Catherine O'Brien Says:

    Can you iChat or sykpe from there?

  2. Reggie & Fred Says:

    Thrilled with your progress, Bruce. Don’t be lonely..we’re all here with you all day and night!

    We love you very much! Reg & Fred

  3. Andrea Tuttle Says:

    If only our thoughts and good wishes were palpable, you would definitely not feel lonely. So wonderful that you are feeling so good. Lisa can rest with few worries.

  4. joel steinberg Says:

    For the first time ever the SF Giants are World Series Champions! Persistence, grit and faith do pay off! We have a good feeling about you, Bruce. You will be cured. Margaret and Joel.

  5. Beth Says:

    Glad you are feeling so well and ranking a 9!
    Wish I could send some chicken soup to Lisa. Sorry she is not feeling well.

    Like others have said….you have lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way….and they are germ-free!

    Cousin Beth

  6. bob price Says:

    Bruce, we, the Bruce Dan Team, are all there with you—not only staring out from the photo, but in good spirits (notwithstanding halloween bad spirits ) with love & care craming your room full. Keep up the good status 9’s ! bob & karen

  7. Karen Jaffe Says:

    We know this is the rocky part coming up (for you and for our country) and we will get through it and come out better ont he other side?

    Here’s to half-full

    xxoo Karen & Bob

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