11-10-10   Wednesday  Day +14

  Status:  7.75/10. No hiding from the fact it’s been a rough three days.  Inability to swallow has been the main obstacle, with constant suctioning to relieve accumulation of saliva.  The inside of my mouth and throat have been sloughing off, with ulcerations and raw spots.  Continued hiccoughs and occasional vomiting to add to the carnage.  Luckily the rest of me seems to be all right.  The docs tell me this is typical of severe mucositis, so nothing alarming.   

Events:   Lots of medication changes to work around drug interactions switching from oral to IV meds.  I was on Fentenyl for patient controlled pain relief, but started having strange dreams/hallucinations.  I would be doing some activity, writing the blog, cooking a meal and find myself awake and dong that same activity.  A switch to morphine was ordered, but we had to work around a conflict with the IV nutrition.

Sleep was disrupted about every hour for some blood drawing or test.  So I’m fatigued late this afternoon.

Comments:  “Patient and stamina” was advice given me by a previous transplant patient, which seems appropriate here.

Helping that along today was Lisa’s return.  She decided to wear a mask one more day just to be on the safe side – but she is finally over her virus and back at my side.  Nice to have her here.



(P.S.  In the dispute over trashy magazines I admit with some guilt an irrational fondness for Parade.)


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  1. wendy Says:

    best medicine is Lisa .Things will get better now cause you’ll have the suport of a loved one. And love cures all

  2. Andrea Tuttle Says:

    Oh, Jeez, not only the Parade, but the celebrity section, although I miss their celebrity review on the last page. ( I’m glad my secret trashy temptation is shared) Its an easy read in the tub (or on the throne). Perhaps with Lisa back in the picture, these tough days won’t seem so low. Don’t you just love to know this is ” typical” Any word on length of time that is average for “typical?” I find myself being grateful for that IV nutritional to aid that stamina and morphine, which may make patience a little easier to come by.

  3. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Say it isn’t so…..the former EOC of JAMA actually admits publicly to a fondness for the tabloids….gotta get you off those drugs! 🙂
    You have an army of friends who feel wish we could take the load off your shoulders….SO glad that the amazing Lisa is feeling better now and is able to be by your side once again….
    Sending you both love, and more love,

  4. Gail Lehmann Says:

    “Hang in there”has taking on a new meaning with all the tubes “hanging” from your body. We continued to be amazed at your mental acuity and even some humor. Our thoughts are with you daily!
    Gail & Mark

  5. Leslie Singman and Family Says:

    I am amazed that oncology doctors have not found a way around the side effects for this part of the transplant, as I remember when my sister Pam did the same proceedure 27 years ago the mouth pain from the sores was the absolute worst part for her. I am thinking of you so much that I had a dream last night that we were having a party for Hanukkah at my house and you were able to come so soon!
    So hoping that dream comes true, it at all possible.

    p.s. glad Lisa is able to come visit now 🙂

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