11-14-10   Sunday Day +18

  Status: 8.25/10. Although I am extremely tired from lack of sleep and all the medications, my mucositis is decreasing which has been a great relief.  Still can’t swallow completely and have to deal with suctioning my saliva.

Events:  Changed my dressing and gave me platelets. White cells are up to 870.  I managed to take a shower today, which involves an amazing amount of effort.   I am still on IV nutrition until I can get my full swallowing back.   

Comments:   I can only wait for more and better white cells.  We should be on the cusp.   




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  1. joel steinberg Says:

    Things are going in the right direction. I do recall that during both my Hep C treatment and Margaret’s chemotherapy, nobody got upset until the WBCs got well below 2000 (and even then neither of us got any infections). At the rate you are going, you should reach 2000 in about 4 more days! We cheer you on. Joel S.

  2. wendy Says:

    whoever thought the counting we learned in kindergarten would come in to mean so much to us in life… here’s to NUMBERS !! keep on counting

  3. Blake and Amy Golding Says:


    You are doing amazing. Reading each day by day and hearing that your white cells begin building up to a level of full functionability again is truly remarkable. We remain extremely positive that you will gain all your strength back and then some. Hope Lisa is feeling better now too. We are looking forward to the blog entry where you write that your cells are back and you are feeling again 10 out of 10. We believe that day will come soon enough. You and your family remain in our thoughts and prayers.


    Amy and Blake

  4. Peggie Neill Says:

    Bruce –
    Molecule by molecule, brick by brick, cell by cell – you are getting better. Each with its own timetable. The answer is in you – things are going in the right direction, and you need to trust in the faith of all of us fans of BBD!!! You will get there – stay the course – The Little Engine That Could! The White Cells are Coming! The White Cells Are Coming!


  5. Claire Broome Says:

    so glad to hear the wbc (and you) are on a steady uphill course….lots of thoughts, prayers, and energy directed cross country…

    love and hugs (ones without infectious risk…)

  6. Again Esperanza Says:

    I saw so many people this weekend in Memphis who shared with me they check your blog every night before they go to bed. It is an amazing gift you are giving to people and I admire the discipline it takes to do it. I hope you feel the support of so many people who are following your recovery and cheering you on from the sidelines.


  7. Judie Davidson Says:

    I can vouch that the man cave in Steinhatchee is in good order.

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