11-16-10   Tuesday  Day +20

 Status: 8.25/10.  Somewhere along the way I caught a cold.  Too many hands touching me.  You know how bad a cold makes you feel, and I’ve got some underlying immune issues.  They did naso-pharyngeal cultures with a steel wire and brush.  The resident said, “It’s the nearest thing to a brain biopsy.”  After the experience I’d choose the biopsy next time.  White counts up to 1,500.  So as soon as I can kick this cold, I’m out of here.  Docs are still talking Friday. 

 Events:  The usual blood draws, dressing changes, stitch removals. 

 Comments:   Lisa had saved a message I left on her cell phone, which seemed perfectly understandable to me – until I listened to it.  It’s amazing what Fentanyl and morphine will do to your brain.  Maybe I needed that biopsy after all.

 Looking forward to my great escape.   




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  1. Blake and Amy Golding Says:


    You are doing great. What’s a little cold – it’s like one more additional test for the new you – which we are sure you will pass with flying colors.

    Looking forward to reading that you are out of there by Friday – nearly a full week before T-giving.

    Stay strong, next stop, 2000 white cells and higher.


    Amy and Blake

  2. wendy Says:

    dear drugs… please only temporarily mess with Bruce’s brain…it’s a precious commodity that is so dearly needed by B and his entire support community.

  3. ray dan Says:

    Bruce, we are glad you are progressing and soon to be out of there. Please know we are all thinking about you and hope to start receiving short, boring blogs! Love to all of you, Ray and Barbie

  4. HOPE Says:

    I remember saying “Blow and I’ll wipe your nose”

  5. HOPE Says:

    Many, many years ago!

  6. grassflats Says:

    Yeah, I remember coming home after conscious sedation after my colon was inspected in great detail by a sadistic gastroenterologist. I sat down and wrote some posts on a message board, feeling fine at the time. Two days later I looked at them and they made no sense whatsoever. Fentanyl makes anyone sound stupid. Of course, the baseline needs to be considered…

    Great news….no longer neutropenic. Get out of there ASAP.

  7. bob price Says:

    Bruce, there’s lots of willing hands to hold the ladder, all wishing for your Great Escape !! Looks like the coast is almost clear, & your over the wall (or in your case, I guess down the elevator). Either way, we’re all happy for you.
    Not Hawaii yet, but for sure, a wonderful Thanksgiving ! And so very much to be thankful for……with love to you, Lisa & kids, Bob & Karen

  8. Roxanne K. Young Says:


    Sounds like you’re definitely turning a large corner. Awesome.

    I just had my first colonoscopy by a nonsadistic GI guy. I sent some e-mails after returning home from the procedure and absolutely do not remember dping any of it.

    I couldn’t help but think of the time you told me that you–the ID guy–never took nostrums for a cold, that you just let nature (and histamine) do its job. Decades ago!

    Keep the faith. We’re cheering you on in Chicago.


  9. joel steinberg Says:

    Of course the brain biopsy would be less painful. The only thing up there with sensation is scalp, pericranium and dura–and not very much. That’s why one can perform even major brain surgeries under local anesthesia (sometimes essential to have the patient awake and responsive). I did hundreds of procedures under local during my career. As for Fentanyl and Versed: Lovely combination. I had one colonoscopy where I was awake and aware and able to watch the whole thing on TV. I remembered everything about it including the GI guy’s lame attempts at humor. No pain. Quite pleasant actually. The ride home and the next several hours were completely lost, however. Hoping you get to take your ride home very soon. Joel S

  10. Penelope Douglas Says:

    You’re almost home!!! That’s great…you can almost see daylight from here…! So ummm…you think maybe you had some fentanyl in the past when you were reviewing some of our scripts??? Uhhh…just kidding! Very happy to hear you’re almost outta there!!!

  11. Tom Linden Says:

    Can’t wait until you make the great escape, Bruce. That naso-pharyngeal culture swab sounded terrible. Steel wire? Well, you’re the man of steel and with a ever proliferating WBC to boot. Beat that cold soon and adios to the hospital, Bruce.

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