11-17-10   Wednesday  Day +21

 Status: 8.5/10.  My cold has dried up, only to be replaced by the usual loss of taste buds.  This time not only have I lost salt, sweet, and sour, but my tongue cannot feel cold.  It makes eating ice cream impossible since the sensation is akin to putting a spoonful of room temperature margarine in your mouth.  I know my taste will return, but until then I’m losing weight.  (Yes, I know I should be treating food like medicine, but let me assure you, unless you’ve been through this there’s no way to understand what it’s like – the sense of taste has too many millions of years of evolution to beat it with will power).

Events:  Counts keep rising, and we’re set for a Friday strategic withdrawal.  Lisa has found some corporate apartments nearby, so we’ll live there and show up for the special IPOP unit (transitional InPatient/OutPatient).

Comments:   We were provided with a manual for the next year post-transplant.  Unlike my last two admissions where the aim was just to go home and gain your strength back, it’s a whole new ball game with a new marrow.  The most critical period is from now to Day 100 with a lot of hurdles to overcome, but we’ve been thankful that the process has gone as well as it has.  We’re incredibly blessed to have the family and friends that have allowed us to make it this far … words cannot express.




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  1. Judy and Larry Says:

    If prayers help, Bruce, then you are well on your way to a full recovery. We can’t wait for that day!! Best of luck.
    Judy and Larry

  2. Eileen Breslin Says:

    Dear Bruce
    We are thrilled for you with the possible escape for Friday. Sunday did my first Half Marathon-walking of course-thinking of you and the marathon you and your family were enduring. Thank you for your inspiration. Am motivated now to do more. Here is to a quiet few days and a 9 the next few days…love, Eileen and Bill

  3. Blake and Amy Golding Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    Day 100 is a mere 79 days away. You will be there in no time. We are both confident of it. We can not imagine what life might be without taste buds, on the other hand, this may be a blessing in disguise, as you now can eat all the wonderful hospital food and imagine that it is from an upscale restaurant like the Four Seasons … instead of, well, the hospital.

    Stay strong —


    Amy and Blake

  4. Barbara McKee Says:

    Great to be moving to the corporate apartment – we will all be anxious for more wonderful news from the CEO – you go Bruce!

  5. joel steinberg Says:

    I know how yucky losing the sense of smell/taste is even for a few days with a cold. Margaret’s smell and taste were “off” at times during her chemotherapy, but nowhere near as bad as your situation. It will come back though. Hopefully tomorrow will be your “get out of jail” day. We stand with you. Joel and Margaret S.

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