11-21-10   Sunday  Day +25

 Status: 8.5/10.  Slept late for our 10 AM IPOP appointment.  Today was one of those nice short visits because we only had to wait for our lab counts to come my back showing everything looked fine.

Events:  IPOP is focused on just a few key complications and their early detection.  The most common early on is dehydration (you have to work on thinking about drinking).  So they take your blood pressure sitting and then standing up.  If your pressure drops upon standing your total fluid volume is low, and you need to drink more.  If it drops significantly then you might receive intravenous fluids right there.

  The most common event is infection.  They take your temperature there, and we take it 3 times during the day at home.

  And the first signs of graft vs. host disease are usually in the skin (a sunburn-like rash).  So they examine you all over.

  And lastly, they simply want to know if anything has changed from the day before, going through what doctors call a “review of systems.”   “Have you had any pain?  A sore throat or nasal drainage?  Nausea or vomiting?  Shortness of breath?  Pain or burning on urination?  Numbness or tingling?”  A head-to-toe exploration.  Any positive answers lead to more detailed questions.

Comments:   My changes are so incremental that it’s difficult to note improvement day to day.  A week from now I’ll be able to see an improvement in appetite or fatigue, but now it’s just tiny changes.  But grateful for the trend.




8 Responses to “”

  1. Margot Says:

    Keep that trend going! Hope you have a bit of an appetite for turkey this week! Love reading the good news!

  2. Art Ulene Says:

    We are grateful also for you. Your experience gives new meaning to Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing…. Art

  3. Judy Moss Says:

    I hate to show my ignorance, but could you please tell me what IPOP stands for? You may have said what it is in previous blogs but if you did, I don’t remember what you said.
    Glad to know you are still doing well…keep it up!!!

  4. Bill Schaffner Says:


    We revel in the continuing good news and join the Dan clan in Thanksgiving for all that is good now and to come.

    Bill and Lois

  5. bob price Says:

    So much to be thankful for….!! Enjoy the good times, they’re only going to get better. Hawaii is coming closer !!

  6. joel steinberg Says:

    May your ROS remain negative. Joel S.

  7. Kathy Shands Says:

    Back from the Virgin Islands and very glad to hear things are going so well. We are off tomorrow for Thanksgiving on the Vineyard, and we will definitely give thanks for your good progress and raise a toast to your continued recovery. Love, Kathy & Joe

  8. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    I’m waiting for the day when you can leave IPOP and go to IHOP! (A little acronym humor there.)
    All good, keep the trend going.

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