11-26-10   Friday  Day +30

 I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Your comments were a big component of our joy.

Status: 8.5/10.  After two days off, we’re going back for an IPOP (rhymes with IHOP) visit tomorrow morning.

Events:  Every visit is accompanied by hematology and chemistry labs, but tomorrow they’ll draw a sample to see how much of my blood is from my new marrow and how much is still from the old.  It’s called a chimerism study (from Chimera, the fire-breathing monster in Greek mythology).  The monster was composed of many animal parts (a lion, a snake, etc.) and finally dispatched by Bellerophon riding the winged horse Pegasus.

  Lisa and I drove to see Ft. McHenry (of Star Spangled Banner fame).  Now I should let you know that our ambulations might not be what you think.  Most of the day is spent in our apartment, the only place other than our IPOP cubicle where I don’t have to wear an N-95 high efficiency mask (even riding in the car).  So we are pretty well confined.  Too many people with colds and flu out there.

Comments:   Lisa, as I’ve said so many times, is a godsend.  She washes clothes, sheets, and towels every day.  She fixes meals (and nudges me to eat), gives me my complicated med schedule, deals with the kids, and takes care of every aspect of both of our lives.  She’s never once whined or complained (as opposed to me) and starts every day with a positive attitude.  It’s one thing to love a person, it’s another to have found such a wonderful partner.

  Enjoy your weekend.  We’ll report results tomorrow.




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  1. joel steinberg Says:

    Isn’t the desired result of all this that you should become a chimera/mosaic? All your somatic cells should be BD originals; and all your blood cells should be donor’s. In my simplistic way of looking at it, that seems logical. We hope things continue to go as planned. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Joel and Margaret S.

  2. wendy Says:

    I don’t know what you are using for med reminders..but perhaps a tip from my friend, John Brockington (of football fame). He has a non profrit organization post his kidney transplant..and I was at a benefit he had for a $ fundraiser to help provide food coupons for dialysis patients in need….when we were talking his watch went off…and he said, that’s my reminder to take my medication. Now he’s year out of transplant and has likely fewer meds than you..cause they taper them over time… but perhaps something like this would help with reminding…and you’d need your excel spread sheet for what and how many.. or perhaps email reminder. Ir if Hank’s been there..he’s probably already construction a helpful tool for you…just thinkin of you .. and of course your queen bee Lisa

  3. Andy Lemer Says:

    This chimera business sounds like an excuse for behaving in a beastly manner at home? fortunately, Beauty’s in charge! Continue the improving transformation!

    Following Ft. McHenry, you might want to visit the Druid Hill Conservatory; well behaved plants and probably not many people, a pleasant and historical site.

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