11-27-10   Saturday  Day +31

 Status: 8.5/10.  Woke up feeling better than I have in a long while despite having to make an 8:30 AM IPOP visit.

Events:  Labs are great, ever increasing, and my neutrophils are now in the normal range.  I’m officially now on an every other day schedule – terrific progress since we thought we’d be just getting out of the hospital by now.  Met the IPOP attending, who’s a graft vs. host expert, and he of course examined me carefully looking for rashes.

  My youngest brother Henry is up for the day, letting Lisa take a well-deserved break.  She’ll come back up tomorrow.

Comments:   Still with taste issues.  Interesting that I can taste the sweetness of sucrose (common table sugar, from sugar beets or sugar cane) but not fructose (fruit sugar).  Grapes, blueberries, oranges have no sweetness.

  The reason that Chimera has always stuck in my mind is that my final exam my senior year in comparative biology had one question.  “Describe an animal (bigger than a breadbox) that had the best chance of survival in the year 10,000 AD.”  True of most MIT exams, the questions had nothing to with anything discussed in class.  The point was to use what you learned to answer a new question.  I described an animal using the best traits from many species and called it a chimera.  Nowadays, I guess students not only have to describe the creature, but create it and bring it to class.

  We’ll give everyone a day off and report from IPOP on Monday.




3 Responses to “”

  1. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    So happy to read your daily progress. We remembered you at our Thanksgiving table as we spoke of reasons we have to be thankful.
    Much love,

  2. Tom Toftey Says:

    Bruce, what wonderfully good news — reading your blog of your post-transplant days. Lots of prayers answered, lots of positive thoughts heading your way. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lisa! Tom

  3. joel steinberg Says:

    Our Thanksgiving was just a bit happier knowing you are getting better. And what a thought provoking question from the old days at MIT. I would say something armor-plated, able to swim really well in chemical-laden water and able to breathe and metabolize poison gases. I am a pessimist. Joel S.

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