11-29-10   Monday  Day +33

 Status: 8.5/10.  I can tell a difference between now and a week ago.  It’s small, and still a long haul up the fatigue ladder.

Events:  The kids came up yesterday and great to see them.  Labs today in IPOP were  continually increasing, and they put us on a permanent M-W-F schedule!  So things are going well.   

Comments:   Stamina and patience.  Just slow steady progress with my appetite and taste buds.  I’ve lost a total of 60 lb since getting pneumonia last January, and now below my ideal weight.  My work will getting it back up.

  We’ll start reporting M-W-F as well unless something intervenes.




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  1. Art Ulene Says:

    Just a short note to let you know how grateful I am that you chose to share your challenge with us, and even more grateful that we now get to share your recovery. Priscilla and I send our love…..ART

  2. Kathy Shands Says:

    Great to hear that things are going so well.
    60 pounds will take a while, but you can do it!
    Love you lots.
    Kathy & Joe

  3. Eileen Breslin Says:

    we are so pleased that the recovery is progressing….patience… and think of all you will enjoy eating as the taste buds return…building those reserves back wil take time and we are all here, learning from you and cheering you on this next phase…if you want a good fast read The Tourist by Steinhauer….keeps ones mind occupied…Eileen

  4. wendy Says:

    I wonder if the medication given to stimulate one’s appetite will stimulate your taste buds as well? Just thinkin’ . are you taking video of you daily- In the end you could splice it all together to see the real recovery… like the video someone did of their baby over a year. By taking picture every day.. and running in total – you see the change..could be cool to go with your blog..

  5. Bruce Gellin Says:

    Bruce D:

    Out here in the virtual cheering section we’re all getting hoarse…so keep it up and so will we. There is nothing quite like good news!

    Among the many lessons that you have taught all of us is that patients have a pretty good sense of what’s going on, even before the labs come back. But I know that you (and therefore we) are grateful to see that the lab confirms what you already know.

    If you keep this up, then Coulter counters will be moved from the lab to the Smithsonian as historical artifacts. Instead, intuition will become a procedure…although I’m not clear how anybody would bill for that — but I’m sure that many will try to figure that out.

    We’re all with you all the time.

    Bruce G

  6. Ilene and Lou Says:

    Hello Bruce – I do feel like a fair weather fan, kind of the way we only cheer for the Mets when they’re doing well…..after seeing you in September we were so enthusiastic about the impending transplant. We had no idea the road would be so complex and challenging and we are awe-inspired by your strength, your willingness to connect and share, and you ability – through it all – to trust your docs and Lisa to take care of you. Perhaps the latter is the hardest part?
    I love your description of Lisa – ever-present, efficient, loving, oh-so-capable – all the things we know about her that are being put to the test every day. Without sounding too mushy, this is all about love, and – as you can now hear on iTunes – Love is All You Need.
    We spent Thanksgiving with the family, including Dan, Ethan and Lucy, here in NY. We will be in touch with Lisa to say a voice-hello so she can share that with you.
    Sending love and affection from the four of us,

  7. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Good news again…. so happy for you. Keep it up. We are all rooting for you! L.

  8. joel steinberg Says:

    Look at it this way: You don’t have to skimp on calories. We are elated at your run of good news. Joel and Margaret S.

  9. Ashby Says:

    If only the Redskins were 8.5/10, they would be atop the NFC East and coasting in to home field advantage for the playoffs. Since that ain’t going to happen, I am comforted by the fact that you have homefield advantage for the time being.

  10. Nancy Olson Says:

    Such wonderful news! An answer to lots of prayers. The kids and I are going to spend Spring Break in DC with Pete in March. I would love to come visit. Will be in touch. God Bless! Nancy Olson

  11. Lynn Oliver Says:

    Here you are…making ME feel good! I think that’s backwards. Love, Lynn

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