12-1-10   Wednesday  Day +35

 Status: 8.75/10.  You might note that I’ve given myself an extra quarter of a point.  It’s in recognition that while day to day it’s difficult to discern a difference, there’s no doubt I feel better than I did when I was discharged from the hospital 10 days ago – less fatigue, better appetite.  Still a long way to go, but we are on an upward trend.

Events:  The nurse walked in with printouts of my labs and said, “Outstanding!”  Each of my blood elements is increasing, and my platelets are higher than they were when I was first admitted last April.  And more good news, I had been on vancomycin 4 times day for a positive culture for C. difficile, the diarrhea causing bacteria that’s become a scourge of hospitalized patients on antibiotics.  Today my culture came back negative, and they’ve taken me off vancomycin and its tedious 6AM-12PM-6PM-12AM dosing.  Shedding one medication at a time and heading in the right direction.

  My other brother Terry will be up for the weekend, great to see him and also let Lisa see the kids.  As tonight was the first night of Chanukah, we Skyped the kids and watched them light the candles.

Comments:   Things are going as well as we could have hoped for.  Grateful for every positive day.  And ever grateful for your support.

  Throughout this holiday season, I wish you warmth, light, and love.




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  1. Reggie & Fred Says:

    We’re ecstatic to hear the good news, Bruce!!! Much, Much love to you all! Reg & Fred

  2. wendy Says:

    warmth, light and love in return– I”m taking light as a new “spiritual” connection perhaps that you have developed over this journey. Lots of white light coming your way.. Prayers to all your supporters as well from your only sister.

  3. Andrea Tutle Says:

    As with Hannukah, may each day bring you more light, in perspective, in your heart and in your step

  4. Judy and Larry Says:

    Wendy took the words right out of my mouth….warmth, light and love right back at you, Bruce. We are thrilled that you are recovering so quickly and so positively. We pray that it continues. Enjoy Terry’s visit. We look forward to reading about your experiences.
    Happy Chanukah to you and your family. May this be the first of many holidays that you will spend together in good health.
    Love, Judy and Larry

  5. Henry Miller Says:

    With things going as well as they are — especially neutrophils WNL — shouldn’t they be thinking about letting you return home soon?

    Keep up the “good work!”

  6. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Dear Bruce and Lisa,
    What glorious news to read of the progress….slow and steady wins the day, and the battle in this case! So happy to hear of every little step in the right direction. So as most begin a new year filled with resolutions to lose weight….you take an opposite approach. Neither is easy, is it? And this Methodist needs to know….is it Hannukah or Chanukah….or both? Happy, Happy….whichever, and of course, more Love to you both. Donna XO

  7. Mary Pat Alcus Says:

    We follow your progress regularly in our house and could not be more delighted to read about the wonderful strides that you are making. You and Lisa have served as an inspiration and teachers to us all. You have definitely reminded us of what we should be most thankful for this holiday season.
    Happy Chanukah!
    Mary Pat and Darren

  8. Ilene and Lou Says:

    Yesterday, as we had a family latke making session – much more fun now that the girls are older and can maneuver a food processor solo – I was inspired to think about miracles. In addition to the metaphor of light on Hanukkah, the notion of miracles, often relegated to fanatic orthodoxy of any kind, or Harry Potter, is powerful this season.
    Lou, who generally veers to the factual, made me weepy when he declared to the girls: “Make no mistake: miracles do happen!” I know he was being mushy and romantic and referencing the miracle of our meeting and having this great family.

    But we were both thinking about the other miracles that we see all the time: our aging yet present parents, my great new-ish job even in this economy, adolescent girls who still want to snuggle in front of the TV; and those we hope to see. I don’t need to over explain, do I??

    Whether it’s the miracle of medicine, of your donor, of your amazing partnership with Lisa, or your extraordinary strength and optimism – each is a miracle that all your friends and family can be grateful for.

    Sending love and a few more spelling options for the Methodists (Hanukkah, Chanukah, Hannukah, Channukah, or just the gosh darned festival of lights….),
    Ilene, Lou, Amelia and Cara

  9. Judie Davidson Says:

    Happy Hanukkah from this southern Baptist girl turned humanist. Every day Rick and I converse about your progress. Lots of love to you, Lisa, Rachael and Ethan.

  10. Carolyn & Patrick Hyde Says:

    What a wonderful Channukah present it is, to hear that you are making great strides in regaining your health! All the best from the Hyde’s to the entire Dan family for a holiday season and year filled with warmth, happiness and ever improving health.

    Carolyn and Patrick

  11. Darya Nasr Says:

    Dear Bruce,
    Been thinking about you throughout this TG holiday week-end. Admiring your courage and determination to get well. Praying for your well being and for you to be united with your beautiful family soon. Much love, The Nasr Family

  12. joel steinberg Says:

    One less medication is one big step forward. Latkes are a big hassle to make, but oh so yummy. Your good news is a Hannukah present for us. Joel and Margaret S.

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