12-3-10   Friday  Day +37

 Status: 8.75/10.  Well, the end of another week, and I can tell I’m making improvements.  Labs, as they have every day, show increases in counts.  Couldn’t ask for more.  The blood test they drew last week (chimerism) to see how well the transplant worked had a simple line item, “No Patient DNA Detected.”  Looks like I’m officially a new me.

Events:  Good having my brother Terry up here for a day.  Lisa’s back, but will switch one more time with him.  Otherwise things are moving apace.

Comments:   Emotionally these might be some of the more difficult days.  Although tired, I don’t feel sick, and would kill to go home.  This is longest stretch of being away I’ve had.  But I’m glad I’m doing as well as I am and will try to gather up my patience.




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  1. Judy and Ken Says:

    Trying to gather patience is much better than being a patient!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Bill Israel Says:

    Bruce – you are the picture of patience. I’m at the San Antonio airport, trying to board a plane for Minneapolis en route to Detroit to see Mom for early Christmas — we’re having a three-hour snow delay, and I’m not weathering it very well. You’re a great example for me, as to patience. Hang in there….rooting for you from here. Absolutely delighted to hear you’re feeling better, and getting the results that we’d all hoped for. -Bill

  3. Judy and Lewis Lefkowitz Says:

    Hanukkah greetings from Nashville. Lighting three for the new Bruce tonight.

  4. wendy Says:

    brand spanking new… don’t you love that… so you really get to call it a legitimate Birth-day. congrats to you…on all levels… but of course we knew you could do this…

  5. Lynn Oliver Says:

    Well, in general your DNA is exceptional stuff. But it is great news that it is staying out of your bone marrow. Keep it up, and remind those new WBCs that “enough is enough.” No need to overdo it now. Many more blessings to you, Bruce. Love to you and Lisa.

  6. John King Says:

    A “new you”. Well if that’s what it takes to get well, it sounds like a fair trade 🙂 I can understand why it’s getting tougher emotionally. Sounds like we’d all feel that way in your shoes.
    Keep resting up. Are you allowed to have visitors while the new immune system builds up or not?
    All the best.

  7. Ken and Ruth Says:

    We loved the old you and can’t wait to celebrate the new Bruce. Though it’s frustrating not to be able to go home now, how great it is to know that being able to do so is on the horizon. Lots of good stuff to anticipate in 2011!

    Ken and Ruth

  8. mike magee Says:


    As you know, when the patient becomes impatient you know he/she is getting better and on the right track. Your patience has been remarkable. I admire all you’ve accomplished. Thinking of you daily. Best to all!


  9. Sharon McDonnell Says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Did you ever hear the radiolab story of Chimera? It was amazing. if no I will send you a link. I would think your practicing patience muscles are very very big now but I guess we never get too good to not need to practice more.
    I have a blog post up for you with a wee little story called “the 18th camel”. It is for a program we are running on science literacy and the kids there but you will like it too. Here is the link:
    or if that doesn’t link just go to gaybumgarner.com and click on blog. The video is about 45 seconds.
    Be well and stay strong. “No patient DNA” that is weird. You are the phoenix eh? Being tired and off seems like a very normal sensible response to me.

  10. Bill Schaffner Says:


    Great good news! We are grateful for the new you but continue to treasure the old you.
    Love to Lisa,


  11. Dave Ross Says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Just a quick note from Julie and me. Great to hear of your steady progress. We hope are home very soon!

    Dave and Julie

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