12-7-10   Tuesday  Day +41

 Status: 8.75/10.  More than a few have commented that my self-ratings seem to be a bit high.  I’d agree that if some one walked up to me they’d hardly give me the same rating.  But it probably represents my optimism and awareness that how I feel is in line with my expectations of what I should feel like at this point. 

Events:  Another short day at IPOP, “Counts look good go home.”  My Mom and Lisa went with me.  We’ve moved into a two-bedroom apartment with great views, which can accommodate guests like my Mom.   She’ll go back to Bethesda with Lisa to celebrate Ethan’s 12th birthday.  Sad not be there, but working on being there for many more.

 Comments:   Mom and Lisa made spaghetti for dinner tonight – a little of the old and the new.  Just like me.




8 Responses to “”

  1. wendy Says:

    and I can remember numerous dinners of spaghetti with Dad saying…”it’s not like my mom’s… what did you do different?” Different is good and so are you

  2. Bruce Gellin Says:

    It’s not the inflated ratings that worry me (after all, we know that you never really fit into a 10 point scale) it’s the precision!

    In any case, we’re glad that all of your numbers are as good as you are and that your spirit matches!

    Keep them all up!



  3. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Harry and I continue to send our best wishes for continuing improvement and look forward to those magical words…..”going home”! Give everyone our love and happy holidays…A good year is ahead! Laurie

  4. joel steinberg Says:

    To reference Dante: You have gotten through The Inferno and are nearly done with Il Purgatorio. Keep up the good work. We don’t have to tell you to keep up your spirits; they are already high enough. Joel and Margaret S.

  5. Rick Davidson Says:

    I have to agree with Bruce G. Who do you think you’re kidding with that degree of precision? Do you think we don’t know you or something? Seriously…so glad you’re climbing out of the pit. Keep away from that GVHD and you’ll be out in no time.

  6. Debbie Blum Says:

    I love reading all the good news in your blog. Every day you are getting closer to that magic “100 day” post transplant milestone. I continue to funnel best wishes your way. Keep well…


  7. Penelope Douglas Says:

    Hi Bruce, Some may be concerned that when you really feel great…you’ll give yourself a 9.5…and that’s less than one point higher than you are today. but who cares…if you really feel great…you’ll tell all of your faithful following: “I FEEL GREAT!!!!” and we’ll celebrate with you! Until that day comes…I’m gratified that you remain optimistic and you’re looking forward to the coming days when you’re home with the entire family and dealing with adolescent angst (theirs not yours) and other normal family dilemmas.

  8. Nada Jensen Says:

    Hi Bruce, I remember you from when you were an editor at the AMA. I used to work for the library in the technical services aspect and had an office not far from the JAMA area. My maiden name was Beslin. You may not remember me. Nevertheless, I’m hearterned to hear that you are doing very well after your BMT. Both my husband & I read your blog that I found serendipitously while doing research on MDS & Leukemia. He was diagnosed with MDS with excess blasts in May & is awaiting a BMT. He is in otherwise in excellent health & older than you are. Loyola University in the Chicago area is where he is currently being treated for his MDS with monthly chemotherapy. I feel optimistic that it will turn out well but it is a stressful time for us nevertheless. Your optimism is infectious. I pray for your continuing recovery.

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